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Out Of Body Experience And Evil Spirits

Hi, I am Shashank from India, I am having out of body experience since I was a child. I am 26 now and it happens rarely. I happens when I sleep on my back straight so i feel very terrified sleeping that way but whenever during sleep I come to that position I fell this. I can see my surroundings and feel like a balloon who is going up I have to hold ceiling or other things to stop myself from going up as I don’t know where I end up. When I wake up I feel pain in my muscles as its hard to come back for me so I don’t sleep that way.

Last night I had the same experience and I felt that someone is holding my thighs and not allowing me to go to myself, I was at my legs and it was taking me back, after long holding myself I felt that I slipped form its hands and entered back and I just woke up. I saw but nobody was there, in the morning I checked my thighs and there were rashes on my skin some cuts was also there. I checked my bed but there was nothing there which can do damages like that. It seems like nail scratches.

Can you please tell me how to deal with it & how to stop this experience.

Thanks, Shashank

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Hello Shashank,
We all have OBE’s(out of body experiences) when we sleep; it is also often called astral projecting. As children it comes with greater ease, speaking as someone who, when I was a child, astral projected at will. Every night, as you sleep, your spirit leaves your body and goes “traveling” sometimes to visit other places, and other times, we go Home(Heaven is another name for it) we visit “Home” but don’t stay, but to go there we must pass through “the void.” A place where lost souls, demons and other entities dwell. Sometimes, on our travels back into our body(which we must pass through the void again!) We encounter these souls or entities. They may follow us back or in your case try to attack us. I have heard accounts where people have come back from dreams/astral travels with marks on them from whatever experience they had. I am not sure that you can stop yourself from astral traveling, but let me ask you a question; do you believe in Angels? Do you believe in a guardian Angel? If you do(they exist even if you don’t believe and they believe in YOU!) Try asking your guardian angel, before you go to sleep to protect you during your astral travels. That is what they are there to do. The guardians protect. Ask them specifically to protect you from astral forces and lost souls that wish to do you harm or drain you of energy as you travel through the void; the WILL do this, but only if you ask. They do not interfere with our free will. I have asked this of them before and they have most definitely come through for me. I trust my guardians 100%! That is the best advice I can give you, because you can not stop your travels; they happen whether you remember them or not.

Hi Shashank

What is your religious upbringing (or current religous pursuation), if you don’t mind me asking?

Paranormal legions, scratches, rashes or bruising are generally caused by either ghosts or daemons (earth-energy spirit such as a polterguist), rather than demonic entities/fallen angels).

Do you always remain in the confines of your room when you astrally project (out-of-body experience) or do you remember also travelling elsewhere? It may be some little tinkers are following you back home.

You could place yourself in a protective ‘bubble’ every evening before you go to sleep. This will help stop the little rascals from ‘playing’ with you.

Constructing a bubble – self

The first few times you try this, it may seem a little awkward but please do not worry. Once you have got the hang of it, bubble building is very simple.

1. Close your eyes and take a few deep breaths, breathing in through the nose and out through the mouth. This will help to relax you and clear your mind.

2. When you feel ready, imagine a small speck of pink light in the centre of your heart. Imagine it just shimmering there, like a pink star.

3. In your own time, imagine this twinkling pink light gradually expanding outwards, filling up your whole heart. Then, imagine it expanding further as it gradually starts to shine thought your whole body. In effect, this pink light is like your blood force, reaching every part of your physical being.

4. Once you are happy that your body is completely filled with the pink light, imagine the light expanding out further still, past your physical body and out approximately 3ft / 1m in every direction outside of you, with your body in the center of it. In other words, it is as if you have an invisible wall of bright, pink light that is completely surrounding your physical being.

5. In your own time, imagine a beam of pure white light coming down from the heavens, through the crown of your head and down to the centre of your heart when the pink light originated. This is known as the God source and is the pure love, which God represents.

6. Optional: Christian’s quite often like to place a gold cross above their crown for spiritual wisdom. The Star Of David, Star and Crescent or any other religious symbol would work just as effectively, if desired. However, this is purely down to preference so, by not placing any symbol above the crown will not affect the bubble’s effectiveness