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Did I See My Friend’s Astral Body?

What did I see that night?

When I was about nine years old, there was a night where I had woken up with a dry throat. I got up to get a glass of water, and as I was drinking it, I was making faces at myself in the mirror (I was a strange child). As I was looking in the mirror, a blue-ish orb appeared next to my face. I looked over to see if it was there in real life, but it wasn’t, it was only visible in the mirror. Eventually, this orb took form of a human body and slowly developed details.

After everything had fully developed, I recognized this figure as my (still alive) best friend. The figure turned and looked toward me (still only visible in the mirror) and said, “Hi, Mystic.” It sounded kind of echo-y and distorted, as if perhaps a hologram were speaking? It was really strange, and after I hurriedly jumped back into bed and uncovered my eyes from the blanket, the figure was gone. I was wondering if maybe you knew what this could have been?

I’ve been trying to do some research ever since (literally about eight years later) but all to no avail. Last night I stumbled upon an article over “astral bodies,” which said that the human consciousness and the physical body are two separate things, and when the physical body is not conscious (during sleep or even meditation), the human consciousness takes a form and begins to pretty much live a life of its own, wandering from place to place. Perhaps I saw my friend’s astral body?

If there is anything you could tell me, it would be very appreciated!

Asked by Mystic

Dreams and Sleep

Is He A Demon, Fallen Angel Or A Spirit?

What is happening to me?

This first started 2 years ago. I was laying in bed one morning when I woke up and looked at my alarm, it said 8:30AM and I freaked out, because I was late to school. I tried to get up real fast, but when I did, I saw a black shadow in the shape of a man standing right where I was about to get up. I then was pushed down by a great force and I closed my eyes and couldn’t open them. The black shadow appeared again in my vision like thing (I don’t know I wasn’t asleep really) and I was there and out of nowhere the black shadow went away and a man (about 18 maybe?) was standing there. He was wearing Victorian styled clothing. He got on his knee and said, “I’ve been waiting for you my _____” I didn’t hear the last part.

I then opened my eyes and it was over and my alarm actually said 6:00AM so I got to sleep a little more. (After that I just have really weird dreams of this girl who looks EXACTLY like me in a Victorian dress, basically I see her life and how she lived and.. It’s unclear but how she died. I don’t know who, but someone killed her.) he occasionally shows himself while I lucid dream, or astral project as well. And also in my dreams, or in real life. Often touching me, whispering on my ear. He tells me he “loves me” or that I look like Amelia so much, but I’m much more spiritually powerful than she was.

The next time I astral projected was different. I was just about to leave my house when I heard my door open. I turned around and saw him walk through my door, and I couldn’t move… Even if I wanted to. He came closer to my actually body laying there and touched it and kissed my lips. Then he walked to me and said, “you’re mine.” And hugged and kissed me. Then he left and I went back into my body because I was terrified of what would happen if I stayed. Then he approached me in the real world and I heard him say, “Come with me, I’ll love you forever.” And Getting creeped out. I refused. He didn’t like that answer I guess and his true colors showed. He went away for awhile, fast forward 2 weeks for then, he came into my dream. Everything turned pitch black and I heard a familiar tune playing all the sudden. Then he appeared. (His name is Christopher by the way, sorry I didn’t mention it earlier!) he said, “you know that tune?” I shook my head yes and he said, “thought so.. Now. Come with me Emalee.” I refused. Then it got scary. Black wings appeared from him and said, “too bad.” He I forced myself to wake up.

After that I would get scratches, horrid bloody dreams, and he possessed my spiritual friend one time threatening to kill her, or being choked on my sleep forcing me to wake up. Then it all was too silent for a good month when another big thing happened. While astral projecting, I was thrown down by him and I couldn’t move. He held my down with pure force that felt so hard on my chest. I felt like I was going to die. He then said to me, “do you want this to happen to your family?” And flashing before me were images of my family dying. I said no and said “fine what do you want?” Then everything was silent and he was on top of me feeling me up. Kissing me, touching me.. I was scared and I couldn’t move. Then.. He had sex with me. Basically rape… It was shamefully pleasing, and felt good too good. Like a bolt going through my body.. It was shameful.. And it was really weird he just kept mumbling… It felt like forever. It probably was. I then woke up a little after he was done. He kissed me, and said “see you later.” Then I went back to my body and bolted up. My.. Area down there was throbbing. It felt weird as well…

Ever since then he has stuck around me. I can’t take it, and he doesn’t answer my questions. Please anyone. Help me. I have some questions:

1) What does Christopher want with me?

2) what IS Christopher? Is he a demon? Fallen angel? Spirit?

3) Why did he… Force himself on me? Just please help thanks in advance!

Asked by Emalee

Ghosts And The Spirit World

Could Entities Follow You After Astral Projecting?

Can entities follow you home after astral projecting on purpose? Can you get hurt while astral traveling? Can any entities that follow you to where you are sleeping harm you physically?

What can you do to protect yourself from being followed or harmed while astral traveling on purpose?

Is it possible to visit heaven while astral traveling on purpose? If it is, how do you get there?

I have a little bit of trouble trying to tell the difference between what is a real entity and what is just something coming from a dream forming when I astral travel on purpose (and by “on purpose” I mean “at will”). I really would not like to meet up with a demon while traveling or other things.

Asked by Micle