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Out of Body Experiences?

Hey all.

Firstly thanks CT for bringing this forum up after the last one went down, it really shows the dedication you have to people who need answers.

Secondly – let me start by saying that I am familiar with the paranormal but I need serious closure on something that’s been haunting me for a number of years.

When I was 5 years old all the way until I was 7 I experienced “waking up in my dreams” a lot, this would typically happen when I stand up to see myself lying on the bed. Everything around me would be the same way I left it. I always try to switch on the lights but they never seem to work. I would “dream” terrible things.

About 3 years ago I had the same thing but it haunts me all the time – only because it has never felt as real as it did that night.

I “awoke” and tried to switch the lights on, and to no surprise they didn’t work. I don’t even remember feeling like I actually touched the light switch. I felt overwhelmingly anxious and fearful. As I stepped out of my room into the passage, there was a man, all I saw was a knife in his morbidly distorted hand, he seemed to move in a sick, crazy and completely insane way. I remember feeling the uncontrollable urge to run as far as I could but I was restricted to the passage and the kitchen. I couldn’t leave the boundaries – it was just endless blackness out the windows. I looked at the clock as I sat in the corner of the kitchen, 2:15am. As I heard him coming around the corner into the kitchen I had the unmistakable knowledge of what his intentions were, to consume me.

I willed myself awake, feeling sweaty and extremely ill.

I looked at my bedside clock, 2:16am – a minute after the time I originally saw.

My question is this – was I just dreaming? Or was it as real as I think it was? Does this occur often in people?

The house has its paranormal problems, knocking coming from everywhere and nowhere, scratching sounds, shadows – we even have photographic evidence of a half-bodied apparition in broad daylight.

Is stuff like this even possible?

Many regards Sun!que

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hello again, Sun!que!!
It sounds a lot like you are astral projecting(as we all do!!) in your sleep and quite possibly encountering something when you do. Whether or not it’s the same thing causing the disturbances in your home, I can not be sure, but my best advice to you is to place a white light shield over your entire home and learn and recite out loud, The Micheal Invocation, that CT has listed here at the bottom. Ama Nazra, a frequenter and friend on this site developed the Invocation and has been using it successfully for 15 years. there is also a link to whit light shields, as well, that can instruct you on how to perform them. I have done both of these myself with great success. I have had a similar experience to you, where I was almost already back in my body, but still could not move. I viewed myself performing the action of trying to turn on my light(there was a very tall shadow figure standing in my bedroom doorway)but was not able to turn it on. I cried out for help and when the words finally came out I was able to turn on the light and the figure was gone.

you see, we all have guardian Angels and they do not interfere with our free will unless we give them permission, which is why the Invocation is necessary. Please check them out and perform bot the white light and the invocation. If you should have further problems, Ama, who is trained and experienced in this sort of thing, can perform a clearing for you. She and her site are listed here under friends. Best of luck to you and keep me posted! Peace, Love and Light. LunaTerra

also, Sun!que,

It’s a hunch and a theory, but every night before bed, you might want to place a white light shield specifically around yourself to protect you as you astral project; we often are not conscious of where we go when we project and protection is never a bad thing! 😀

Hello Sun!que,

Yes, stuff like this is possible.

As Luna said, I also think you were about to go astral travelling, which is normal for us to do when our bodies sleep.

Basically, we have to step through a place called by some (including me) the Void. This is a place of confusion, and a lot of other negative energy, and negative entities. We usually cross it quickly and easily, but sometimes we encounter things along the way that shock us and send us straight back into our bodies.

In your case, you might have touched on the energy of a ghost, whether a real lost soul, or a residual energy of some murderous event that happened in your house. Going by what you wrote, I’d say it was a ghost. Ghosts trap themselves within the memory of the events that bound them to the earth. In the case of the murderer .. he murders, or tries to, over and over again .. until something, or someone, wakes him out of the pattern and gets him into a place of healing. It might even be his victim, hopefully a spirit, who does it for him. For the victim, it is his or her death, and I am wondering if that is what you ‘saw’, the memory of someone else’s fear before their death, their sense of being trapped – and possibly they are still trapped even now.

Luna mentioned the Michael Invocation. Even if you no longer live in the house, you can say it with the intention of clearing that house of all traps souls, since it was your home for a while. What I usually do is ask that the Michael clear ‘a specific address’ .. by changing the third line. It really does make a difference.

Love & Peace

Hey all,

Thanks again – my parents still stay there, its an old house, I guess I needed some clarity on it because I can tell you seriously weird things about that place, and I was hoping that it wasn’t just me 😀
I am now sure that it was some kind of ghost, because just before I had my first daughter (who is lucky to be alive) my husband saw my doppelganger in spirit form with my daughter (still unborn at the time) standing before our bed. I mean I’ve had my experiences through life but nothing really as creepy as this place is. This is only because most of the activity in this place takes strong physical form.
But anyhow I will try the invocation, it will maybe put my mom at ease. LOL

Many thanks 😀

Hi Sun!que,

What else was happening when your husband saw you and your daughter as spirit beings? Our children’s spirits come into the world before they are born. It could have been the two of you astral travelling .. rather than something spooky?

Love & Peace

Hi Sun!que!!!
That’s incredible what you husband saw when you were pregnant!!! I have a somewhat similar story, but it seemed like a dream. I astral projected back to “Our Home” (Heaven, as many call it) and I was standing with my deceased Father and Grandmother and I was holding my baby daughter in my arms. She had brown hair and brown eyes and was a big baby! You see, I was still pregnant with her, and was about to go the following day for an ultrasound to find out the sex of the baby. That day, that I went to the ultrasound, I found out that I was having a girl! When she was born she had dark hair, and as she came to be 6 months old, she had the brown eyes and was chubby, too!!! So I believe I actually saw her before she was born!! So I do believe what Ama is saying could possibly be that your husband saw you and your daughter astral traveling!

Well, I don’t feel the astral travel, myself. Always kind of clock out at that point. In fact, I’ve only felt the “vibrations” a couple times. I tend to just end up in a recurrent dream city and then become lucid…instead of astral travelling (though many have debated that I’m actually engaging in AP at this point)

I bring this up because my wife and I have been talking about having children lately. Yet for the last year, I’ve been hanging out with my daughter in the dream city. Not every time. But when I’m very lucid, I end up seeing her. The last time we hung out, it was at the water park (East of the Central Building). She was running around in a wave pool.
First time I saw her, I thought it was random. The second time I saw her, an older lady was telling her: “they are just going to love you to pieces!”. I can’t count how many times I’ve seen her since.

Now I hang out with her at least once a week in the dream city.
So…anybody want to put money on us having a son? 🙂