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My Son Is Freaked Out To Be In Our Home

I have a question hoping someone may have some insight… My son who’s 9 is freaked out to be inside our home alone or even with us. Since he was young he has said he talks and plays with people mostly a little girl and a scary man in the closet. We use to think it was just him being a kid (it started when he was 2 or 3) recently he was in his and his brothers room on the top bunk and came out freaking out because their game controler flew off their dresser into the middle of their floor.

Also, he says he is seeing shadows and hears things. I want him to feel safe just not sure how. Any advice?

Asked by Cami

Ghosts And The Spirit World

How To Get Rid Of A Spirit Attached To My Son?

My teenage son has had a presence which he says is pure rage, and hatred in all of his dreams since he was little. He mentioned it last year but became afraid even talking about it and we stopped.

At the time I thought it was aspects of his life coming out in his dreams as anger is not abnormal in teenage boys. But a few nights ago he spoke about it again and explained further. He’s had this thing in his dreams since he can remember. It started out a faceless shadow but it started to look like him.

He said he had an “imaginary friend” which scared him when he was about 5 and that it told him that if he promised to let it stay with him it would be nice to him and protect him. It made him say things to seal the deal as such. I can remember him talking about the bogeyman when he was little.

He became really afraid while telling me this because he wasn’t supposed to tell and feels it is always with him in his sleep. This all worried me but especially when he said he feels its becoming stronger than him.

The night he told me this, things started to move and bang in his room. I don’t know who to ask for help because he’s very afraid to make it angry.

Asked by Jul