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How To Get Rid Of A Spirit Attached To My Son?

My teenage son has had a presence which he says is pure rage, and hatred in all of his dreams since he was little. He mentioned it last year but became afraid even talking about it and we stopped.

At the time I thought it was aspects of his life coming out in his dreams as anger is not abnormal in teenage boys. But a few nights ago he spoke about it again and explained further. He’s had this thing in his dreams since he can remember. It started out a faceless shadow but it started to look like him.

He said he had an “imaginary friend” which scared him when he was about 5 and that it told him that if he promised to let it stay with him it would be nice to him and protect him. It made him say things to seal the deal as such. I can remember him talking about the bogeyman when he was little.

He became really afraid while telling me this because he wasn’t supposed to tell and feels it is always with him in his sleep. This all worried me but especially when he said he feels its becoming stronger than him.

The night he told me this, things started to move and bang in his room. I don’t know who to ask for help because he’s very afraid to make it angry.

Asked by Jul

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Hello Jul,

How old is your son? A child cannot enter into an agreement with a nasty ghost or demon until s/he is over the age of 13. Before that its just cohersion, after that its a choice.

At the bottom of this page there is a link to the Michael Invocation. If your son is over the age of 13, he’s going to have to say it for himself. If he is under that, you can say it for him, or both of you together, to strengthen each other’s will. Either way he’s going to have to banish the entity with the force of his will. He chose to let it remain, he has to choose to get rid of it. He can’t want to let it hang around anymore, or even be curious about where it goes to, or what has happened to it after it is gone .. he has to close that door entirely.

Was he baptised as a baby? If not, getting that done will help as well. Most people don’t realise that baptism is a blessing, and can act as a shield against the dark, and in my opinion, every child should receive it – and no, I am not particularly religious, but I do know about energy and protection. Prayer can also help. We discount religion because of the people and what we have done ‘to’ it, but there are beings out in the spiritual planes that work for our greater good, just as there are those who don’t, and asking for help is vital. The good ones cannot interfere in our free will, hence the Invocation, which is a form of ‘asking’.

Asking for help from your local minister, particularly the evangalistic types (noisy and forceful), may include going to church for a while but if it helps to set your son free, its a price worth paying.

Love & Peace
Ama Nazra

Learn your little son to say this Quran verse, when he wants to go to sleep :

” In the name of Allah, the merciful, the most merciful ”

No entity can scare or hurt him in the universe ofter this ( neither in wake nor in sleep).

I think a spirit has attached it’s self to my son, years ago my dad lived in an old mines house and I seen a man and boy there when my brother moved in his little girl would wake screaming have scratches would stand up on end, now I feel it’s followed me and attached my son firstly he had scratches then when he was 4 months my mum had him took him out his pram n there was a knife under his blanket which had been missing from the knife block before he was born (New pram) then the bath tap would turn on when I bathed him lights flickered and more scratches then the other day after making his bed then an hour later I put him down for a nap when he woke with plumber wire around his foot???? Then today in his room (New house New carpet) I stepped on a large shard of glass nothing has been broken in his room he wakes screaming my partner works shifts but I hate bring on my own that’s if I am alone???? Help!!!

Hi Amy,

I suggest that you use the Michael Invocation to clear the energy of your son and yourself, individually .. and then use it on the house. You’ll find a link to it at the bottom of this webpage.

There is also a link to white light shields, which will help protect both of you. What I usually do is wrap a shield around myself and then clear the energy inside the shield (using the Michael Invocation).

Do this and then tell us how things are in a week or so. That should put a stop to whatever is going on.

Love & Peace

Amy, a demon is annoying him. As I am Muslim we have a lot of effective prays that remove demons from a place certainly. The light and awe of the heavenly pryers don’t allow a demon to stay there or resist. I have experienced them frequently ( although examining such prayers is not correct.) The power and belief of demons is different.Usually, It dependent on in which area of the earth they live. The demons that are in west are mostly Christian and the demons that are in middle east are mostly Muslims and a group of them in east are Buddhist. Of course it is not an absolute things and may a demon believe in noting and be pagan or so on. Such demons are everywhere on the earth and within every society. They can be the most dangerous demons that can hurt or annoy some humans. But usually they avoid humans except the demons that are agent of Satan, obey him and do what he orders them. Such demons try to tempt humans and encourage them to do wrong and even the worst wrong.They are the most evil demons. Also some the lower demons, like unbeliever and infidel demons try to annoy, hurt frighten or trouble some humans that usually are weak, away from pryers, so shelterless and inevitable. These are just like the gangs in the societies that become sensitive and excited to someone and try to annoy, frighten and hurt him.
The best preventative action is that a person doesn’t go to a lonely place alone (especially at night) or doesn’t sleep in a lonely house or place like deserts, mountains, forests and so on, and also knows particular and effective heavenly prayers that expel them out from a house and place.

Hi my little girl from age 5 said she sees things it’s gone on over years and her behaviour has change she’s acts like baby she screams makes evil noises won’t put clothes on scared going anywhere alone in house I’ve had some in to see if anything and she said there was somebody had done ouji board in my nx door in neighbours house can tell me if my daughter is got spirt attachment it sounds mad but am worried now

My family have recently moved home and my son 4 has his own room a few times now he will awake screaming crying and shaking and point to corners in his room he becoming very terrified to even go asleep in his room I don’t what people can help with anything I can do to either get someone in to help remove any sprites that are there or what I’m not very familiar with all this please help

Hi Kelly,

Night terrors at that age are not uncommon, and sometimes children can be very psychic and see things that adults can’t see, so I recommend you either have the Minister of your local church come and bless your home, or you can scroll down this webpage to ‘Pages’ and find the link to the Michael Invocation, and use it to clear your home. It’s very effective.

Love & Peace

I have a three year old daughter that seems to have an attachment with a negative energy. This really picked up after my mother gave me a WW11 Army hat pin that her chickens dug up in her yard. I returned it and we recently moved out of state. Now my mother has not been able to find it since we left and I’ve also had no luck when going through boxes. She will scream and point at the walls and say, ” sxary man is scaring me. He has an owie on his head”. Once I get into her room she will either point at the vents or the window and tell me he is gone now. I have abilities but have had no luck in seeing this so called man. Once relocating my grandfather who works with the local Shaman’s and has very advanced abilities told me that my daughter’s memory is 45% void and she also has very advanced abilities. Furthermore my grandfather who has seen it all is having trouble seeing this man because my daughter has learned how to create a shield which now is protecting him as well. He is hiding behind it. My great grandmother who is deceased is also present ans is informing my grandfather that the spirit is too strong for her to fight on her own. Light bulbs go out frequently then will turn back on days later, her room will fluctuate temps rapidly, she is now being terrorized in her dreams, and her speech is so far behind because she is spending so much effort on protecting herself. What do I do?? Exorcism? Oh I hope not.

Hi Amanda

Scroll down this webpage and follow the link to the Michael Invocation and use it to clear your home. If that doesn’t settle things down, and it should, you can contact me directly through the Sacred Gates link under ‘Friends’ and I will clear your home directly.

Love & Peace
Ama Nazra

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