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My Son Is Freaked Out To Be In Our Home

I have a question hoping someone may have some insight… My son who’s 9 is freaked out to be inside our home alone or even with us. Since he was young he has said he talks and plays with people mostly a little girl and a scary man in the closet. We use to think it was just him being a kid (it started when he was 2 or 3) recently he was in his and his brothers room on the top bunk and came out freaking out because their game controler flew off their dresser into the middle of their floor.

Also, he says he is seeing shadows and hears things. I want him to feel safe just not sure how. Any advice?

Asked by Cami

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…hey Cami…

…i went through the same thing with my daughter…different circumstances but same situation…its obvious that your son can see and communicate with spirits and yooh need to teach him not to fear it…

…teach him that at one time these spirits were actual flesh and blood human beings…and that he has this special light around him that attracts these spirits and they are juss looking for his attention…don’t lead him on to make him think he needs to fear this…and in time with your help he will learn to grow with this and how he can control it…

…juss let him tell yooh bout it without making him think hes in the wrong or done something wrong…it will all be alright as long as yooh dont build on his fear…

…dark blessings…

Hi Cami,

Your son can see ghosts. So can lots of other children these days. I recommend two things .. at the bottom of this webpage is two links – one to White Light Shields and the other to the Michael Invocation. The shields you can use to keep your home free from ghosts, and the Michael invocation removes the ghosts. I would shield first then make the request/invocation .. and see how things go. That usually works.

Love & Peace

Hi All

After looking at the questions, and the advice. I do a agree with Jan’s statement. But, I can see ghosts and spirits, when I was young and slowly I began to understand it has a gift. Nevertheless, many say it, it is a curse, and other believe it is of evil. I looked at them, and told them straight, it ain’t evil or bad, it is a gift to help and understand the other life after death. And I stand to by it always. You must try to understand the gift, your son has, and begin to help him understand it too. Do not be afraid, it ain’t bad or anything, but keep it between you and him. He must never say he has it until adulthood, because kids are very cruel. Trust me on that one, because I went through it at school.

Hope this rests your mind.

Please ask more questions, I would be able to answer them well, and honestly.


Dark blessings


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