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What Could Explain The Small White Lights I Saw?

I hunt deer on property behind my house.

The other day, I sat on my patio and lit a cigar. I saw movement and figured that deer were moving. I saw more movement and lights I cannot describe properly appeared on a line of perhaps fifty yards, about the size area that would encompass a group of deer.

There were perhaps fifty of these very small lights and they moved as a group in what appeared to be above the deer and they moved as a group in the direction I would anticipate deer movement. They continued to move until the deer, if they had been visible to me, would have disappeared over the ridge.

This lasted about five minutes. I can think of no rational explanation.

The lights took the shape tiny grub worms as they formed and then disappeared and reformed. They were white in color and very small.

Asked by Ross

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Hi Ross,

All things have a spirit, including the woods behind your house. The American Indians, and many other early indigenous peoples, honour the ‘spirit’ of the animals before they hunted them. And then there are the ‘spirits’ of place, the elemental beings that create our world, that foster the growth of plants, and of humans, because we are just as much animals on this planet as every other living being. As the world energy changes, and people become more sensitive to it, events like this might even become common.

Do you gave thanks to the spirit of the deer before you hunt them? Do you give thanks to nature for the bounty you receive? Perhaps the light/elemental energy was a wake up call, to show you that there is more out there than you can touch with your fingers?

My call would be the elementals following a deer trail, in the energy of the deer .. why .. because animals running the same path over and over again, leave a trail of their energy behind them to ‘mark’ the territory. It’s not always about a ‘scent’ we can smell. And that energy gets stronger with each passing .. which makes me wonder about the humans who walk streets, or drive them in cars .. I wonder what the ‘lines’ of ‘scent’ (energy trails created by our moods and emotions) look like streaking all over the world?

You had a remarkable experience. I hope you wrote it all down. Our memories have a way of changing what we perceive as time passes, and that memory is worth preserving.

Love & Peace

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