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It Looks Like My Kid

Two days in a row, while I was doing dishes I saw what I thought was my daughter. It was the same height and hair color but walked right in front of me pretty quickly. I did not see it head on but of out my peripheral, both times I was bending down to load dish washer.

I know it was not her because immedently following I looked up to find my daughter was right outside. What could this be?

Asked by Brandy

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It might be a doppleganger – which is a German word for a double or twin for your child or any person in fact. I don’t know why you are seeing this but I wouldn’t take any chances. Contact someone who will help you with this – preferably someone who deals with paranormal events all the time and they will know what to do. Pray a lot and do your best to keep your daughter safe.

Hi Brandy,

It might simply be a female ghost the same age as your daughter who is looking for attention because she feels lost and lonely.

What I suggest to most people in your situation is to ask your angels to ‘find’ that figure you keep seeing and ‘take’ her into healing (or heaven). Whether you believe in angels or not, this works, and its very simple. The ‘girl’ is rescued and set free where she needs to be, and you won’t see her again.

And if that doesn’t work, which is unlikely, you could arrange to have your home blessed, or use the Michael Invocation (link at the bottom of the page) to clear your home yourself.

Love & Peace

I believe that you should turn to your Creator if you have a fear in this being and he will provide you with protection if you put your trust in your Creator sincerely turn to him he will protect you remember he knows what you are going through he is closer to you than your own juggler vein. Hope I have been of some help GOD willing.

I really think that it is nothing more then a trick of the brain and eyes, I have done this same thing many times but yet there was never nothing there at all, Looking in to it as I did I came to realize that people or every animals that are in your life and that you love them so much they tend to always be in your thoughts even when you think that you are thinking about them but you really are, it kind of like the picture that you are seeing are sort of coming out as if they were real, I know it may not make much since when I have more time I will elaborate more on this idea and try to explain in a more understanding way. What I am saying to you though is that there is nothing to be afraid of and that there no entity’s by you or trying to pose as your daughter. But if it makes you feel better perhaps you can take Ama’s advice and place a comport shield around you and your daughter.

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