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Floating In Bed

So I’ve never been into paranormal and ghosts, I didn’t care much about the idea. But I have memories from the past that leaves me with the question “what was it? can there be an actual answer?”

I am not sure if that’s important, but I am Jewish and an Israeli. Israel is quite far from the paranormal activity as far as I know, but I don’t know much.

Anyways, I have strong memories from early childhood. My family and I lived in our own home at that time [now rent] and I was maybe under five years young. They had a giant bed and I used to sleep with them every night. probably not every night, but quite regularly, in that time just before I fell asleep, I had this weird thing happening to me. I was comfy and sleepy, and slowly I began to float. it was very slow. I remember seeing my pillow down there as I was up. Then, as slow as I went up, I came down as if I’ve never left before. it wasn’t scary and never felt bad. It was what it was. Pretty calming actually. I know I wasn’t sleeping and dreaming.. I just know that. What happened to me then?

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completely ignoring the paranormal Activity movies, i haven’t heard if any ghosts being able or even wanting to levitate a person. Now if you could see your body below you then i could easily say that that was astral projection, when your spirit kind of floats away from your body well your still alive (completely harmless i assure you). And it was defiantly not a dream if you memories of it are so strong. you felt peaceful so it wasn’t anything bad making you float, so the only answer i can come up with is astral projection. Its easiest to do when your completely relaxed which comes easer as a child as life’s troubles hasn’t fully hit you yet.

And the universe doesn’t care what religion you are, it treats everyone of the same species evenly. The only time it matters is when your talking to someone of religious belief.

I agree with Tonik, Mei, it sounds to me that you were astral travelling in that space between waking and sleeping, which is normal. Everyone does it. Some people are aware that they do this, and can control what is happening. It’s not supposed to be frightening. It happens because your spirit (God’s gift) doesn’t need as much rest as your physical body does. And children do this more easily because they have less prejudices and beliefs that tend to ground us all when we are awake.

Love & Peace

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