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I Always Sense Something When I’m In Bed

Whenever I am at home, during the day, and I decide to take a quick nap, I always sense something in that between stage of being half awake/half asleep. It could just be me, but it feels really strange. Like I’m always trying to force myself to wake up because I feel a presence touch me.

For example, just now I was trying to fall asleep, and I almost was, but then I felt something flick my hair. I couldn’t move, then I felt something press against my back and look over at me. I kept forcing myself to wake up but it felt like it took a long time. I live in a little house that was built in the ’40s, and found out recently that a friend of mine used to also live in this house (rent) and her crazy ex husband killed their dog here. Which is crazy because one day, same circumstance: during the day, trying to nap while my son is at school, I felt something jump up on the bed and move around.

Now, I already have a little dog, but she was curled up under the covers at the time, but I felt her growling. Then the movement stopped, and I felt something curl up behind my back, like a dog would. I couldn’t move, then had to force myself up. This is totally freaking me out. I’ve had some other weird instances happen where lights were turned on when I swear I had turned them off, or things have been moved. But it’s always subtle and I always just think my mind is playing tricks on me when I’m alone.

So.. am I just being crazy?

Asked by Emily

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Not crazy, Emily … a little haunted, but since it doesn’t seem to happen all the time, since you don’t mention that .. I would say the dog came to visit, much like three or four of my cats have over the years, once they passed into the Rainbow Fields.

There was the little black cat that ‘haunted’ both healing centres I ran – she loved to race across the top of the stairs when people were climbing up to see me, much to everyone’s surprise or amusement. There was the big orange cat, that jumped into the back of a truck next door (we think) and died somewhere. He came back, loudly!!!!, the next day, just to say goodbye. We (mum and I) could hear him but couldn’t see him. There was the Cinnamon cat who passed when he was 18, who curled up behind my knees, in a closed room, and slept the night, because he knew I was grieving his passing. And then there was Meg, who came to me when she was 13, stayed until she was 20 .. then roamed the last house we lived in .. watched by myself and Gus, our dog, one particular day. We both saw her, glanced at each other, and then back at her, as she strolled through the kitchen. And then there was Gus, the lovely dog, who passed over but never really left for months. I would feel his head on my foot when working at my desk, we would hear him snoring, either under the same desk, or in his corner of the bedroom where he used to sleep. It’s been over 3 years now and I still miss him so much. He’s been to this house we moved to a few times, but I’m sure he’s happier with the other animals I have loved so much, in the Rainbow Fields.

As to people leaning over you when you are half asleep .. in that quiet place between waking and sleeping the spirit of a person is far more sensitive to unseen visitors, so it could be someone you know and love who has crossed into heaven, or it could be a visiting ghost. I’ve had a ghost or two play with my hair .. to point where I was quite rude, because I was working on the computer that day and he was bugging the blazes out of me. Flick, flick, flick .. ok, ok, what do you want!? I sent him into healing, just to stop the flicking.

So many adventures with harmless, hopelessly lost ghosts .. none of them meant any harm, they just wanted help. They need heaven like we need food.

Spirits, people who have died and crossed over, come and visit those they love and remember, to say they are fine, to check up on us, to make sure we are fine. Ghosts .. will bug anyone with a pulse because they need the energy to survive .. if you can call being trapped between heaven and earth ‘surviving’ .. and they can sometimes cause real trouble, which is why we have mediums who are ‘spirit rescuers’, rather than just communicators .. so we can clear out the troublemakers, and rescue to the lost, and free the earth, and humanity, of another source of negativity.

If you don’t want your house haunted you have three choices. Ask the minister of your local church to come and bless the house, ask a medium to visit, talk to the ghost and cross it into healing (heaven), or three .. at the bottom of this page is a link to the Michael Invocation .. use it to clear your home, and then yourself, and then there’s the White Light Shields which keep ghosts out of the house. They are very effective too.

Love & Peace

Emily I have had the same things happen to me. Usually when I’m at that stage where I’m between asleep and awake. One time I was taking a nap on the couch and I woke up and their was a little boy that had dark hair and an olive complexion that was spinning colorful rings on both arms. Almost like little hulas hoops. Another time a red headed man in a red plaid shirt with a bandana around his neck. He kept looking at me smiling and would pull the bandana up like it was a nose and gave a grin at me.. This was a long time ago before I could come to terms that It might be a haunting. Since then I ask the angel Michael to find them and have my guardian angel show them the way home. I have also had the dog and cat images too. 🙂

I never see anyone, but I feel something touch me and I just freeze with fear. Usually my hair. I hear something breathe in my ear or just feel a pressure against my back like something is pressing up against me.

Hi Nancy, Hi Emily,
What ever you are seen and feeling could be something different than lost souls or ghost. There are other sources can device people with their power and illusion,specially when this source appears in animal form and give no comfort or no fear. In my opinion better to observe happenings for short time and see how far it will go and than time to seek for professional help.Please do not delay, you should ask Ama to come over there and assess the atmosphere and clear it once for all.

Hi Emily,
I know there are things out here in this world we can not see with our naked eyes,most of us anyway.And these things are not friendly and definitely not here to help us in anything.I don’t mean to scare you, I just know things from my own experience, if you don’t take care of the situation then situation will take care of your life until they are complete their mission.

I got extremely annoyed lastnight and couldnt sleep in the dark.
I usually loooove to sleep in complete darkness but sometimes I just cant because those who visit me give off a very intense feel. But its not always the case, sometimes I get visits and feel very comfortable. Being 19 and sometimes afraid of the dark is kind of embaressing lol. But in between the phase of being nearly asleep but also still abit awake is when I receive mental images of them with bits of information, last night it was young man but there was also something else abit more intimidating that I felt but couldnt determine what it was.
My boyfriend told me once that when we were sleeping he had woke up and seen a tall figure that gave the impressiom of being a man. He was standing beside my bed and was watching my sister, (who was asleep on the top bunk at the time) sleep. My boyfriend also told me that there was a white light around my while I was sleeping and that it was protecting the half of him that was touching me, meanwhile the other half that wasnt, was paralyzed almost and he couldnt move. That morning, my sister told us that she had seen a man and that he pinned her down and she couldnt move or scream.

Hi Amethystjade

The white light is a shield to protect your energy. I have been told I have gold light around me, although I’ve never seen it myself. It obviously worked to protect you from whatever was in the room that night. I would suggest that and your family learn the White Light Shields at the bottom of this webpage, and use them around your homes each night, to keep entities out.

The sleep paralysis can be a natural phenomena. The mind wakes up before the body does, and for a short time the person finds they are very sensitive to everything around them, including ghosts and spirits, but cannot move their bodies. Your sister spoke of being pinned down .. did she mean the figure was holding her down, or that felt that she couldn’t move? Sometimes ghosts and spirits are talking to us as we wake up, and that switch between being a spirit being having a chat (us) and being in our human bodies can be very sudden, and very frightening .. but also very normal.

As I suggested, learn the shields and use them. That should take care of any nocturnal visitors.

Love & Peace

Also, ive noticed I have 3 different sorts of dreams.
Have my average dreams that just dont make sense and theyre all fun and over the place. Then lucid dreams, I thoroughly enjoy them, heaps of fun. And then there are dreams where, i know im asleep but its like im awake somewhere else, its not a lucid dream but its not a normal dream, its like im living in another dimension and everything there is so surreal. Sometimes its like a duplicate of this dimension and life and other times im in places ive never seen before with people ive never known in this life, but in my dream theyre like family.
I had one of those last night and a lady informed me that water was being poisoned and was making people sick.

Hi again,

Do you know what astral travelling is? If you don’t, do some research. I think you’ll find those strange journeys are actually you ‘travelling’ to the interesting places in our multiverse. Normal practise when we are sleeping.

The lady who told you about the poisoned water .. did she say where or when? Sometimes a ghost will drop in for a visit in the middle of your ‘sleeping’ and share his or her memories with you. Can be very confusing if you are not used to it? What other information did she give you .. and how was she dressed?

Love & Peace

Ive heard abit hear and there although I did take a juge interest in lucid dreaming and so I know more about that but not so much astral projecting.

She was a mature, elderly lady.
Id say around her 50s-60s.
I cant recall her mentioning a time but all I remember her saying was that ‘they’ were mixing it with something, I cant remember too well now but she was really passionate when she spoke. I also remember a super super weird dream, this was a few months ago now, where I ran into an emergency room and started preaching to people to not get vaccinations because ‘they’ lie. I told them itll make them sick and also said to stay away from pharmaceuticals. Ever since I was little ive been a skeptic about that stuff and have also been against all of it with no reason why, it just felt wrong the things that theyre giving us. And in my dream its like I was someone else. I was the person but at the same time I was watching myself from a birds eye view running into the emergency room. A few nights later I fell into another one of those weird dreams where I was running in ladies toilets and I ran into a cubicle and shut the door and I seen the word ‘fever’ written on the cubicle wall and my instinct was that it was a message

Hello again,

I’ve spent a lifetime waking up inside other people’s memories. I’ve watched ‘myself’ (being the dreamer and a watcher on the side) so many times it became normal, though often stressful, when I woke up that way. I learned to separate myself from the dreamer inside the memories, as I woke up, so I wouldn’t feel like I was having an anxiety attack when I woke. I would then either cross the ghost into healing, or ask that the angels do it, which they did. That is the role of the spirit rescuer – to help the ghost sharing its memories with me find the peace it was seeking, even if it didn’t know that was what s/he was seeking.

And I have had the strangest experiences, sharing ghosts feelings, craving and memories, when I am awake. It’s been weird, sad, sometimes frightening, but I wouldn’t change my life for anything.

Next time you have those dreams, where you are both participant and watcher .. ask your angels to step in and help, and see where the dream leads. Every person has a memory of heaven, even if they don’t believe in it this time around .. the angels will lead them to it .. and if you are lucky, you’ll get to see it again too, and wake up with the memories (or do so when you are awake) .. I have.

Love & Peace

Ive taught my sister about the white light shields.
And she uses them when shes scared. Ive also explained it too my boyfriend too.

My mum was told by a lady that I had a white light around my body when I was a kid. And I remember this one time in primary school, I had to be taken out of the school photos because a white light kept appearing around me in the school photos. My mum was a clairsentient and told me I was always protected and I feel it alot when im scared.

You have a strong aura (the energy field around your body). That’s good. People need a healthy aura.

And think of all the Christian saints we see in photos, with halos around their heads .. they had strong auras too .. and people used to paint them into the pictures.

It’s not unusual. It’s just that most people can’t see it .. but since digital cameras became so ‘sensitive’ they are picking up on all sorts of anomalies around people, like orbs.

Love & Peace

Sorry for so many questions. I just find it so stimulating to talk to someome with all your knowledge and wisdom. Ive been searching for a spiritual teacher but ive had no luck lol so this is exciting for me.

My sister and brother are crystal children. I am an indigo and crystal cusp. (Something i was taught through messages)
We all have bithmarks on our backs and some other small ones in the same places which we think is weird. I am the eldest then my sister is 3 years under me then my brother is a year under my sister.
We all hate the same things like pharmaceuticals and smoking and alcohol because it makes us all feel sick.
Ill be twenty this year and am often told I am such an oldie om the inside. But my mum said even as a kid everyone would say I was an old soul. Which I can see so clearly now.
In saying this, ive been attempting to go into my past life through lucid dreams but it hasnt worked? So what else could I do?
I always had a feeling I could have been blind in my past life or that, something had happened too my eyes because im a feeler or toucher I looove to touch things. I love to feel things with the palms of my hands because they give me a certain tingle. Even weirder, I love to touch people’s faces.
My mum said I was born with a birthmark that went across my eyes and that kinda freaked me out. It has faded now. But there is the smallest part of it left near one of my eyes which is barely noticeable.

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