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Haunted Mexican Marionettes

Last October, my boyfriend and I went to a yard sale and received two Mexican marionettes from the man running it. He gave them to me for free before we left and told me to take them and hang them up somewhere. They gave me bad vibes but I did not want to be rude so I took them.

We put them in a bedroom on a chest in front of a bed. My boyfriend tried to scare my sister and I by moving them, but after that, they started moving on their own. We made sure nobody went back alone and I made sure to be the last one to leave. It would have been impossible for anyone to have moved them. At one point we left the house and they had moved when we came back. They never move when being watched, including a camera filming them.

We did a lot of research to try and figure out what they could be and finally started communicating with them via a note system in which we would write down answers and leave the room. When we went back, they would be holding their answer. Again, nobody went back alone and I always made sure I was the last one to leave. Everybody watched everyone else. We did this for a few weeks. They answered no when we asked if they meant us harm.

We also put down dozens of options and asked what they were. They picked other every time. It was around this time that I started feeling depressed, which I have never had problems with in the past. I thought it might be connected to the puppets but we kept trying to communicate with them anyway.

One day, my boyfriend was wearing a necklace I got him from some new age store, which I later found out was supposed to be a protection necklace. When we went back to check on the marionettes, he bent over and we heard something fall on the chest we always put them on and found out it was his necklace. I thought that the knot had come undone but it was still secure, so we know it didn’t just fall off. This happened one more time before we put them in the bag we keep them in.

After that, my boyfriend said his head was hurting and his body starting aching all over. We put them in his trunk and have not messed with them since, but I’m still curious.

What are these? Are they evil? And what should we do with them? Any information would be very much appreciated.

Asked by Graycyn

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It would be very interesting to see what they look like. Do they look similar to these Mexican marionettes?

Mexican Marionettes

Hi Graycyn,

The link you gave us doesn’t work. The message is that we are ‘unauthorised’, but truthfully, it really doesn’t matter.

I have questions …

1) How old do you think the dolls are?

2) You didn’t elaborate on what questions you asked the dolls, but I am wondering if one of them was ‘are you a ghost, or a group of ghosts?’ Objects can be haunted, sometimes by ghosts, sometimes by the energy of traumatic events, and sometimes by demons. From what you described I don’t think its demons, but it could be staunch Catholic ghosts who don’t like new age symbols.

When we touch things we leave traces of our own energy on the items, and over time this animating energy might take on a life of its own, or attract an entity to it that ‘animates’ or reacts to stimulation from outside sources. It might not be harmful, but anything that leaves you depressed and your boyfriend in pain, is obviously causing problems.

I am glad you bagged the dolls, but where did you put them. Even though they are bagged, the entities that might be attached to them will still be in the household, so if you want to keep the dolls I suggest you clear them with something like the Michael Invocation, or some other form of blessing, that removes negative energy. After that they will once again be the toys they were probably created to be ..

Love & Peace


I apologize for the picture not working. I’m very new to this website and not really sure how things work. As for your questions:

1. I have no idea how old they are. They look very worn out so I imagine that they’re pretty old but I really can’t say.

2. We asked several questions and that was months ago so I can’t remember all of them. I do remember asking them if they wanted to hurt us and they answered no. We also asked them what they were several times and put down dozens of options, from the obvious answers like ghosts and demons to more farfetched options like sprites. I believe they picked friend at one point and one time when my sister and boyfriend were talking about them being brownies they picked that. We did ask how many there were but I don’t remember them answering that one or they picked up a blank note. A lot of the time they did not answer. We put the bag in my boyfriend’s car and have not had any problems since besides one incident a few days earlier when a small wooden object flew across the room at my boyfriend’s head. It seems as if they don’t do much until we start to try interacting with them.

I’ve been looking into using ouija boards and am seriously considering trying to communicate with them like that, but am not sure how safe that is. Thanks for all of the information. I will look into using a blessing or something similar. Any other information would be much appreciated. Thanks again.

Hello Graycyn

Please do NOT use an ouija for any sort of paranormal communication. It is a dangerous tool sold as a kid’s toy. I have spent years helping people who have become haunted ‘because’ they used the board. While it can work, there is no guarantee what you will connect to – and there are some truly nasty entities out there, pretending to be harmless, because most people do not recognise the problem until its too late.

There is nothing farfetched about elementals (sprites and brownies being two of them). They exist, but are unlikely to haunted inanimate objects. They are nature spirits, and prefer to live outdoors.

My other thought is why they would answer your questions quickly or easily, since it gives them more energy to seem reluctant and have you try harder. To that end I think the entity or entities are either ghosts or demons .. either way, as I suggested earlier, clear them with the Michael Invocation, which will remove any negativity .. and if it is spirits playing games, then they will still be around .. but anything dangerous will be removed.

I don’t suggest further communication, because talking with the unseen is addictive (can lead to obsessive behaviours), and the entity you are talking to today, might not be the same being tomorrow.

Take care,
Love & Peace

I have one just like her and him but without guns I actually have a lot of these marionette there all haunted