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Help Me Understand My Experiences Feeling Ghosts

I have been experiencing feeling of “ghosts” for years. Hope someone can help me understand.. Am I being tormented? how do I stop this? Do anyone know why?

hi there. I am reading this because I have been looking online and elsewhere for some sort of something that can explain the kinds of things thats been happening to me for years. I thought trying to communicate would be the right thing, I was wrong. I was very emotionally weak at this point in my life… I realize now how weak I was. One pretended to b my dead mother …. I sat up for hours … realizing nothing he was saying was her, totally devastated at the fool id been,he said ha ha ha.
Sometimes the experiences are too much , for a while I managed to deal but it is not only in my home, its with me everywhere all of the time, Whether I’m at work or in the shower. Always at night. For a while it wasnt every night, but now it is, in fact I cannot think of a moment of time I havent been thinking about this, you cant not think about feelings,vibrations, and fake thoughts, constantly moving smog like figures moving everywhere.

It never stops, the docs put me on anti-psychotics and told me I was nuts or on drugs. Tried public psychics, nothing. Tried ignoring it…. impossible. I dont take the pills as I know I’m not crazy, but really really struggling as I fear I have to spend the rest of my life, unable to find a solution. The visions of friends talking about me happens too, my mind is not strong enough to deal, but I am afraid their is no other option.

I’m a 25 year old woman, I have been clinically dead, and was in a coma, dont know if that matters at all but after it happened, my senses got stronger feeling everything all of the time. I am at a loss The worst was the one who made me feel I was being attacked by thin air… putting noises in my head and preying on every fear and emotion I have. I sometimes feel that one still but know now that its him, and to be aware. Again I fear the worst for the future and would appreciate any advise

Asked by Amy

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Hi Amy,

You’re not nuts and there is always a solution to every problem. I suggest you tried shielding yourself, shielding your home, clearing your energy, and then clearing the your home as well. You can find all that help here through the bottom of this page where it says, “Pages”. Use the link “White Light Shields” to create the shields and also click on the “Michael Invocation” and say it outloud. The instructions are on both pages for the White Light Shields and the Michael Invocation. Also, on the same page where the “Michael Invocation” is on, there is a link to the second Invocation. Try that invocation as well after the Michael Invocation. It might help.

After that, remember to create shields every day if you want less trouble from ghosts. I like to ask every morning after waking up, “Archangel Michael, please put White Light Shields around me now”. It’s very simple and effective. I hope that helps.