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Can Any One Help Me Learn About A Spirit Cat?

For the past five to six years I’ve been seeing what I’ve been calling a black shadow cat. It comes and goes and at first I thought it was just my imagination. But then a few friends and some family members have admitted to seeing it as well. I’ve always owned cats but never a black one. But it seems that this particular cat follows me wherever I go.

black shadow catI’ve moved into three different places and at each one this kitty has showed its self to me and a few others. I strongly believe in the spirit world and I’ve seen the spirit cat of my first cat. Mrs. Kitty she was a long haired white kitty. I see her walking down the hall and my other cat Mowgli will chase after her in the dead of night. but she shows herself to me as herself a white cat.

But this shadow cat is something different and my question is what could it mean? I’m not afraid of it and I don’t believe that cats are bad luck. But I wanted to know if there was any more information about experiencing this spirit cat? Is there a particular reason it chosen me? Or is there any information about other experiencing this?

Any information is highly appreciated

Thank you for you time

Asked by Maranda

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Hi Maranda,

I also had a cat in spirit follow me about .. actually a few of them did. My first memory of a ghost cat was in a graveyard when I was nine. The other kids I was with couldn’t see what I was stroking, but he was clear as anything to me. Later, one of my house cats died and she came to live with me in two different healing centres. She would flash past the top of the stairs as people came up to see me .. so many of them asked who the little black cat was. They had the description right, including the little triangle of white on her chest. She was a lovely cat living, and a funny one dead. Her name was Lucy.

Your ghost cat might simply love your energy, or the energy of your cats and your love for them. It really doesn’t matter. Unless she’s doing something harmful, you can choose to let her be there, or you can ask your angels to FIND her and TAKE her into a healing place. There is a heaven for animals and they don’t often not go there. It’s up to you.

As to making contact with it. If you see it again, call it to you, but if you feel uncomfortable, or frightened, when you see it .. do what I said about asking the angels for help. Just to be sure.

Love & Peace

this is story that you can find that was written and is a true story it is on several web sites and was even published is a ghost cat book. It is call the the Cat IN the Attic. Th story tells about a cat that a little girl had gotten and skip skip any ways to this part the cat was killed and her grandfather threw it over the hill and never told the little or parents of her about the cat for several days. The cats name was Dozer and the little girl was missing the cat then the cat came back and keep in mind that the child did know that it was dead. Dozer would come to the girls room in the attic over a rectangle hole in the ceiling and the girl and cat would play for a along time the girl even fed the cat this went on for several days til the grandfather told what had happen. The girl and her father buried the cat and that same night that cat came back as if to tell her good bye and was never seen again. The reasoning for me telling this is because maybe some one brutally killed the cat it was never put to rest there for it can never cross over to heaven. Perhaps it is seeking your attention in hopes you can help it cross over or maybe it is there to protect you there are many reasoning’s for things to want to hang around either good or bad but I dont think it is any thing bad. As long as it is not a shape shifter or some thing evil as Ama said it is all good.

This is the book you are referring to:
Ghost Cats: Human Encounters with Feline Spirits

Ghost Cats

People who have spent a lifetime observing and interacting with cats will say that these amazing animals seem to possess powers – supernatural, psychic, or otherwise – that we can only begin to comprehend. But are they able to return from the grave as well?

In Ghost Cats, the strangely heartwarming tales of cats who have refused to let death part them from their human companions are recounted in vivid and captivating detail. From the chilling “Demon Cat of the Nation’s Capitol” to the delightful “Phantom Litter Box” to the touching “Poor Puss” of Stonehenge, there’s a plethora of phantasms here for everyone. And what if you receive bedtime visitations from your very own dearly departed kitty? Author Dusty friend explains all the signs of a haunting and offers reasons why your friend has come back.

I just had an experience a few minutes ago. A big black cat was walking toward me. It had his tail curled up and I could see through it.
I don’t have cats. I haven’t had a cat for years. I have a dog that gets spooked once in awhile. I’m wondering if this is what it has been seeing?



I found this article because I was in search of some sort of information on what I’ve experienced. For over 10 years now, I’ve been followed… or maybe revisited by this black shadow cat spirit. When I was in my late teens, right before I moved out, is when I first saw it. It visited me in my dreams, and I also saw it while awake. After I moved, I saw it in the house I moved to as well, but just once. I hadn’t seen it since then, until last night. I was brushing my teeth and I saw it in the hall last night. While dreaming last night, I was attacked by other (humanoid) spirits. These types of things seem to happen around the times that I’ve seen this shadow cat; so I was curious if anyone else knew anything on it. I can’t tell if it shows up during times to protect me or if it is the cause of these things happening.

Hi FatalError,

Can you describe the humanoid spirit’s appearance’s? Were they also a black shadow like the cat? Also, is the black shadow cat a flat shadow, or is it 3 dimensional?

I have experienced a ghost, at least I think he was a ghost, who jumped into my room and asked me for help before that appeared as a shadow form, except he was 3d form, not flat like against the walls. He had his own shape and form standing away from the walls.

I’m not sure what your cat is, it could be a few things. If I were you, I’d just clear my energy and shield myself for protection. If the cat is anything good and for your own protection, they will still be there. If not, the Michael Invocation’s might get rid of them (or asking your guardian angel to FIND the shadow cat and TAKE it into healing.)

I have also been followed in my life by animals in spirit, but eventually what came about was that 2 of those animals were my animal totems (spirit animals). Not all the animals in spirit around me were animal totems, like the bear I had.

Hello about a last year me and my girlfriend when to animal shelter to buy her a dog. A couple of days later took it home everything was good into I noted the dog wes throwing up…. and kept throwing up tired to feed it didn’t wanna eat nor drink water has the days when by we thought he got sick and was trying to get over it. But this when on for days when I noticed we was getting smaller and weaker and had less energy we picked him up took him to the vet sadly they said he only have a couple of hours to live I was so upset that they gave us a sick dog but we first got him he seen healthy it wes so sad I cried and I cried because we was giving him a home his name wes George and only two years they said only way to save him is to pay 800 for surgery which we didn’t have the money..We took him home that same day and he died that day. One of the saddest day of my life the following next year 2017 which is this year we when to a different shelter to look for a new dog when was around November and they was giving away dogs and cats all the small dogs was gone so we ended up with a beautiful girl cat named Sparkle it wes love at first sight I picked her up and told my girlfriend I wanted her so we agreed two days later when back to get her brought her home she was shy at first would hide under the dresser didn’t wanna be seen or touched. I would check on her every chance I got to make sure she was ok. Has she got bigger she broke out of her shyness she would run day/nite around the house she wes full of energy and I would think who she’s playing with like this maybe the dog ghost of George?? Soon to around march of this year we moved out state and she doesn’t run around like she used too any more. Was this a ghost she was playing with or was it my in my head ?

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