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Why Do I Have Mysterious Scratches On My Body When Waking Up?

I woke up today and seen some fresh scratches on my forearm on a downward position 3 scratches. And I was wondering if you could please help me?

Thank you in advance

Asked by James

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Hi James,

This is happening more and more. The best suggestions I can make are
1) check your fingernails to make sure they are not too sharp
2) to have your home cleared of negative energy, either by a priest’s blessing, a medium coming in to clear it, or the Michael Invocation, the link to which is at the bottom of this page.
3) Then learn the personal energy shields and house shields on the page White Light Shields, also near the Michael link .. and use them. That should solve the problem.

Love & Peace

I first question I have is do own a cat or maybe a small dog? Also it is very common while asleep you not waking up but yet feel some thing on you and you will scratch while still asleep. I agree with Ama as well make sure that you do not have sharp nails. When going to bed where a long sleeve shit that is thick and not easy pulled up. If this has happen before please do have your house blessed or cleaned of unnatural things there. I hope that this stops all together for you and it is just a simple thing.

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