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I Need Help Concerning Ghosts In My House

We moved into our house over 9 years ago. She has made herself very well know. The only person that she seemed to have a problem with was my husband. The reason we say she is that this house was built by a man for his wife who died in the house from cancer. My oldest daughter has seen her appear in front of our huge gun safe something they didn’t have in homes in the 50s.

Now when my husband would get really upset he would throw things around and if anything hit the house she would take revenge on my husband it started with scratches on his back . They would be bleeding the next morning when he would show them to me I told him stop messing with her house and she will stop messing with him.

He got really mad one night and decided that he would taunt her I told him not to but he ended up breaking a window. That night he went to bed and woke up with a bruise on the inside of his leg that went from the top all the way down to almost his knee. he stated that it didn’t hurt but it was huge.

Well he decided that he wouldn’t go to bed unless a dog we had was in the room with him or I was. I wish I could say this is the end of my story but its not. My husband passed away in Jan, there is a young man that comes over and will stay on the couch and he has already had two pushes on his shoulder the first time someone whispered “pssst” he looked around and no one was there so he rolled over well then there was a more forceful push and a soft “get out”. My husband hated this guy, I have smelled both of them from time to time but I’m not afraid of them being here.

I was raised around Edgar Cayce he was my great great uncle and I know there are things we cant explain. My only worry is what might happen to this young man… she makes noises and doesn’t want the house messed with my husband doesn’t want his baby girl hurt or me messed with. So should I be concerned about this young man.

Also how can I let him know I have every thing in hand. Our daughter is getting tired of him tricks of a mom act like he is wonderful and the daughter goes well scratch that one. I’m just needing help with this situation first I have two ghost that don’t like each other and I have one of them that hated this guy. I feel like I’m walking around a mine field. Any help would be grateful.

Asked by Rebecca

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Hi Rebecca,

Given the nature and strength of the ghosts in your home my first suggestion is have the house cleared, send them both into heaven for the healing they need, and then they can come back to visit and not do any harm, or want to do any harm. Neither of them sound particularly nice, and both of them are not lost and lonely. It’s not a good combination when they don’t like each other.

There are three ways you can do this –

1) get the minister from your local church in to bless the house and each of them specifically and pass them into heaven
2) get a medium out to speak to each of them and cross them over (into heaven)
3) at the bottom of this page is the Michael Invocation which can be used to clear homes and people. I would suggest, if you choose this one, that you clear your energy first, your daughter’s and then the house itself. You can name people or describe them in some way, to make sure the clearance is very specific.

A ghost is a lost soul, unhappy, angry, frustrated, and likely to become moreso the longer they are out of ‘heaven’, regardless of whether you or they believe in it. A spirit has been to heaven, been through healing, and only drops in once in a while, if they feel its important.

Your home should be a safe place for anyone you decide to visit. Make it that way.

Love & Peace

Hi Rebecca,
I am only on here to reiterate what Ama has just stated. You need to do a clearing because, as you have witnessed, those who have passed on, but not gone to heaven, still carry with them all the negative emotions from their most recent life. If they were angry and violent in life, they will be so in death, unless they cross over into healing. Many times they need help in doing this, so I would definitely recommend all the advice Ama has given you. Best of luck and I pray for peace for you soon! Peace, Love, Light and Abundance. Luna T.

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