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Yellow Lights Calling Out My Name

When I was younger I saw yellow bright hollow lights calling out my name repeatedly any ideas what this being was?

When I was little around 6 years old  my cousins spent the night, I was sharing a bed with one of my cousins I slept facing the door to enter my room.

While I was awake at night the door cracked opened and there was hollow yellow circular lights calling out my name repeatedly, they were aligned constantly coming through the door. Everybody in my room was asleep. I just kept staring at them and I was so scared my heart kept racing because I never saw something like this before so I hid under my blanket until I fell back asleep. That’s just one of my experiences.

I’m 19 now and I still think about it occasionally. The lights were coming through my door and were medium in size hollow circular yellow lights just repeating my name over and over.

This is the first time I’m asking this to people online I never wanted to because I thought nobody would believe me I’m not crazy I just want answers.

Asked by Stefanie

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You are not crazy. 🙂 What you experienced sort of sounds like orbs but I haven’t read much about orbs communicating with people. That sounds interesting.
I also have seen a yellow/golden orb that shot itself to me and actually hit me with a strong force. Someone else in the place I was at also saw the orb, but only as a little light trailing away towards the water fountain. It was nice knowing someone else saw SOMETHING when I saw that light. Maybe someone else will chime in with more about what you experienced 🙂

Hello Stefanie,

Round yellow lights .. not sure what hollow means, but did they have a bright yellow outside fading to lighter in the middle? And can you describe the voices .. male, female, deep, light, friendly, scary sounding?

There are circular objects, of different colours, called spirit orbs that you can look up on the internet and compare to what you remember? They can do odd things at times, and can be all sorts of different beings, from fairies to spirits, or simply a gathering of human emotion. Have you checked them out?

Love & Peace