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Am I Being Haunted?

I’ve always had the ability to be sensitive to spirits. I’m the one that experiences the unusual aka paranormal. About a couple years ago was when something really unexplained happened. It was around New Years, and my boyfriend stayed the night because he wasn’t getting along with his family at the time. He slept on the living room couch that night. He claimed that he woke up, and looked over at the stairs going down to my parents room and saw a black figure standing at the top of the stairs. He said that it didn’t look big, but small. Here’s when it got real freaky-

A few days after that, it was around two in the morning and I was on the phone with my boyfriend, laying in my bed. I started feeling uncomfortable. My room was a little messy and I had school books laying around and other random objects. I could slightly here something walk over the stuff I had laying on the ground. Clear as day I smelt something burning. I looked around to see if it was sourced from anything logical like from an outlet or my lamp. I couldn’t find any logical source and started to get the creeps. All of a sudden I could’ve sworn I heard something growl right in front of my face. I sat up in a state of shock and hung up on my boyfriend. I looked down to find my straightener and vitamins shaking by themselves on the floor. I started to feel something over powering me and it was hard for me to breathe. Terrified, I ran out of my room and called my mom. I was so scared I was throwing the F bomb around not even thinking a thing of it. She came upstairs and I told her what had happened. Mom knew I wasn’t just fibbing because of how I was shaking and reacting. Let’s just say I slept downstairs that night.

After what happened about two years ago, little stuff still happens. I NEVER feel alone in my room. When I go out with friends and come home late, It feels as if it was waiting for me to come back. I have dreams everyday about seeing shadows or getting attacked by demons. Even about being possessed myself. Sometimes it feels like some of them aren’t dreams.

Digging deeper into the hauntings, I dated this guy 4 years ago. He’s now my ex but still has feelings for me til this day. He claims to be haunted all his life by demons. He lies a lot, but this I think is true. I think what’s haunted him, has to do with what’s in my life now. A few months ago, I was at his house (the ex) and every time id go to his house, id go up into his attic. I was drawn to that attic. Like something was drawing me to it. After I went to his house, I had a dream I was on the top step to his attic and saw red eyes glaring at me at the end of the attic. The next day I went to his house and before I finished trying to tell my ex about the dream, he finished for me. He told me he knew and what happened. He had no way of knowing what I dreamt about.

Last night, I had a dream I was at my exes house again. I was looking in his cabinets in the kitchen and he came in telling the ghosts to go away. He left the kitchen again and starting running back towards the kitchen saying “shit” repeatedly trying to get “something” from attacking me and all of a sudden this really drugged up feeling hit me. Like something took over me. I woke up and told my boyfriend instantly. it’s like something makes me have these dreams. I had a dream before that about something choking me out.

The only person I tell these things to are my boyfriend because I know people would look at me in disbelief as if I’m crazy. I don’t know if I am crazy or there is something negative in my presence. I’m just looking for some feedback./:

Asked by Andee

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Maybe someone else will chime in with more advice and feedback that would help you out. I suggest you shield yourself, your home, and clear your home of any ghosts or other entities that are bugging. At the bottom of this page under “Pages” are the Michael Invocation (which has a 2nd invocation on the bottom of the webpage if you click on The Michael Invocation) and White Light Shields. Use the shields to prevent any more entities from entering your space and then use the invocation’s to get rid of anything that is hanging around.
I don’t know what the red eyes might have been and as for your ex saying he’s been haunted by demons…just tell him to try the Invocations and White Light Shields, that is, if you still keep in contact with him.
You are not crazy, and having dreams doesn’t make anyone crazy. Everyone dreams, but not everyone remembers them clearly when they wake up.

Hi Andee,

I live in a haunted house. It’s not haunted all the time, but sometimes it feels like a railway station, with ghosts come through one side and out the other, much to the amusement of my husband who gets to see more than me, because I go to bed at a civilized hour and he likes to stay up late (early morning). On a regular basis I empty the house of all negative energy (because humans create that all the time) and any lingering entities that might bug me. Some of them do, some of them like to peep at my husband where he’s in his armchair in the lounge room .. he tells me about them in the morning .. three nights in a row and I clear house.

I use the Michael Invocation (a link to it is at the bottom of this webpage), and then clear yourself. Occasionally I use the white light shields (house shields) to keep a quiet house for a few days. We can’t stop our ‘visitors’ (new ones all the time) because we both attract ghosts, but we can keep the energy positive and calm .. which is important for everyone’s peace of mind.

Having said that, from what you have written, I am thinking you are astral travelling back to your ex’s house and perhaps seeing what he is not. In that case, I would use the Michael Invocation to clear his house (use the address in the request) .. then you won’t have to visit unless you are awake and choose to. It really does sound as if it needs to be done. Then, if you are still in contact with your ex, and can talk to him, give him the Invocation to use to clear his energy. If not, make the request for him (say it for him). Can’t hurt, will help.

Love & Peace

Hi, I’m 15 years old and ever since I was little, I have been able to see these…shadow figures? My family and I call them The Shadow People, but I’m not the only one in my family who sees them. When my mother was little, she also saw these shadows and same with my aunt, big brother and my grandmother. Is my family and I haunted? A lot of other weird things happen to me, like yesterday morning, I had a hand print of my right thigh.It wasn’t a full hand just fingertips, and it looked like it was sliding down a little. And when I was little, I used to wake up screaming and crying but wouldn’t wake up. I also experienced sleep paralysis a few times, and when I looked over at my wall, I would see a shadow figure holding me down, but when I looked back, there was nothing above me, only on my wall. I’ve woken up with scratches and cuts and bruises. Am I dealing with ghosts? Demons? Please help, I’ve been trying to figure this out for years.