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Can Dogs Be Desensitized To The Presence Of A Spirit?

Can dogs be desensitized to the presence of a spirit? I’ve been having a lot of activity in my house as of late (more that what I was used to) and my one dog only really ‘did’ anything the other night when things were going on in my room.

We’ve only lived in this house for about 6 years now and we got him while we were living here.

Is it possible that he’s just been used to this something being here that he just doesn’t care anymore?

If anyone could please help me out.

Asked by Maura

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Hi Maura,

You don’t seem to be bothered by the ‘visitors’, so perhaps your dog is taking his cues from you, and not being bothered .. although you haven’t told me what the dog ‘did’.

Not all ghosts are scary, and not all visitors are ghosts. We had elementals (natural spirits) that used to irritate our cats ..

Love & Peace

Hey Ama,
The one night when there was a lot of noises going on and my insense started to go wacky my dog woke up and just started growling for almost a minute before laying back down. I put the covers over my head and tried to sleep. The only thing malicious that has happened to me is I was being choked in my sleep with the same choker I’ve been wearing for almost 8 years (never a problem). I woke up feeling like I was being choked but thought nothing of it until I looked in the mirror. I try not to be afraid most of the time, I don’t mind whatever being there, just as long as it doesn’t hurt my family or my dogs. I can deal with the walking in the attic, up and down the stairs, the knocks. Even though sometimes I do get afraid, I deal. I just don’t want anything more terrifying to happen.

Hello again,

If something is choking you its not friendly and shouldn’t be in the house. The problem with most hauntings is that they escalate in trouble, particularly these days. It’s not wise to just let everything hang the way it is right now, on the grounds that one ghost draws in another, and another and another .. and you could end up with something truly nasty .. better to clear the house now and have it peaceful for a while.

If you are a medium, or a spirit rescuer like me, you’ll end up haunted again, so learning to use psychic protection (there’s a link to white light shields, and the Michael Invocation, at the bottom of this webpage) is a really good idea. Use the shields now, but I also recommend the Invocation.

Being haunted can be a thrill, but the thrill can turn into a nightmare very rapidly .. so take good care of yourself, and your dogs – they can also become victims of beings with nasty intent.

Love & Peace