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Why Do I Keep Having Dreams About Air Planes?

Earlier I posted a question about a guy in an airplane that was going to crash. In my dream I woke up before he crashed. I didn’t know him, but I was able to read his thoughts.

Last night I had another dream about an air plane,but it had family members in it. They were having problems with the plane, but I woke up before it crashed.

They are always small planes, but I won’t fly in small planes and hopefully my family won’t.

I have heard that dreams mean different things, like water dreams and flying. Does anyone have any ideas what recurring dreams about air planes mean?

Asked by Nancy

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Hi Nancy,

I am playing ‘catchup’ with all my emails ..

Airplanes – represent highest ideals, attitudes and belief systems. That’s nice.

What sort of problems were your family having with the plane? Are they struggling to learn, or keep in balance (flying straight) new spiritual truths? Are you, where they are concerned (do they drive you nuts?).

Love & Peace

Hi Ama,
In my recent air plane dream. It was my daughter, granddaughter and son in law. They were suppose to meet me somewhere and I was waiting for them. They were late arriving and someone told me that they heard that a plane had crashed. That is when I woke up.
In this dream it was a small plane again and they had just purchased it.
I don’t think they have any intentions of buying a plane or learn to fly one. I hope they don’t!


Sounds as though you believe your family is starting to hold similar beliefs as yourself, even if its taking them longer than you expected. The part where you heard that a plane crashed could be that you have fears they won’t be able to ‘reach’ you, or simply be part of your own fears related around flying in small air planes coming through into the dream. There might even be a bit of emotion around a situation where they choose to do something that frightens you (buying a small air plane). You need to trust their judgement too .. they arrived safely.

Love & Peace

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