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White Eyes And Ghost Child Dream?

Last night I dreamed that a young boy about 11-13 with long blonde hair who may have been a ghost was fighting a possession with something called “White eyes.” As weird as that was, there was also a cat that either spoke, or was telepathic. I can’t remember where it came from. But I barely remember it having a woman’s voice. Anyways, the cat said “the only way to stop the boys possession is to scratch his face until the white eyes goes away!” And so when me, the boy and the cat got into the boys house, it was being inspected as if it where a crime scene. I don’t know where the boy and the cat went at that point.  It was a dream, after all. But the last thing I remember was me with a blank mind thinking “the Ghosts are in denial of their death… Every one of them always says something like “why did I have to die? Why me?” They are lonely.” When I first met the boy, I remember needing batteries for something. I can’t remember what though. At this point the cat was not there, nor where the ‘white eyes.’ He invited me over to his house to stay. He (lived?) alone in that house.

I have never heard the term ‘white eyes before… And I just about remember the cat saying that the white eyes was like an intelligence possession. And for a few moments of my dream, before the cat scratched the boys face, the kid said something, I can’t remember what, but at that time, I saw what he saw. And what he saw kind of looked like a supernova or something. Despite the thing being called “white eyes” the boy didn’t have white eyes. It was more of a brain function thing. Although I have no idea why it was called white eyes… If someone could interpret my dream, I would be very grateful. I’m not scared, just curious. When I woke up, it had me thinking whether this was a message or something from an actual ghost. Thanks in advance!

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This is an old question, but I think it’s interesting the term “white eyes” came up. There was a tv show I saw as a kid called “Yugioh” and there was a card that summoned the Blue Eyes White Dragon. The name of it made me think maybe your mind was getting past information from the past mixed up in your dreams. Or maybe a ghost really visited and thought it might be nice to share that it had eye problems. My dream book says about cats this: “pertains to one’s quality or type of independence”.
For eyes, “defines one’s personal perceptual characteristics”. The color white means, “white applies to purity and goodness; the positive aspects in life”.

So that is the opposite of what your dream seemed to be about! You can try dreammoods for more help, it’s a website that has dream meanings.

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