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Orbs and Animal’s Behavior

Hello. The questions start when, the other day, I took a couple of picture of one of our dogs. When I looked at the picture, I saw, what to me, looked like an orb. Last night, I decided to just snap a couple of pictures while I was laying in bed, just to see if it happened again. Two of the pictures, taken in around the same general area of our bedroom, had one orb for certain and another, fainter, possible one. The snaps I took in other areas of the room had nothing.

Ok so, I wasn’t sure if it is an orb or camera anomaly. Then this morning, one of the dogs, who HATES the shower (he is a dachshund and my husband and I bathe them in the shower), comes in while we’re in the shower and stands on the step that goes into the shower room (it is a large shower with an open doorway, no curtain or glass closure) and gets progressively wetter. My husband reached down to pet him and got him even wetter still. Now, under normal circumstances, this getting wet would have made him take off. In fact, normally he hides under our bed when we shower because he thinks he’s next! Then I got out and started drying off and he was absolutely glued to me! Once dry, I picked him up and his little head just lay down on my shoulder and I believe he would have stayed there all day. While I was getting makeup on for work, he lay at the threshold of our bedroom while normally he would lay all the way in the room by the bed or in the bathroom with me.

This behavior is TOTALLY out of character for him. He seemed afraid. I mean I can’t read his little doggy mind but I know his behaviors better than my own.

Your thoughts?

Asked by Sharon

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Hello Sharon,

My first thought is what has his behaviour been like since the shower incident? Has he gone back to normal or is he still behaving in that odd way? Has he behaved that way before? Had you just come back from a trip? Was he feeling sick?

Orbs, in my experience, don’t mean negative energy. They can be caused by many things, including dust and water vapour. Are the locations you took the photos either dusty or was it straight after a shower? Did you use the flash both times? Were the orbs coloured? Did they have a thick edge to them or were they both just soft looking?

Those questions to start with .. I have a busy day ahead,
Love & Peace

Sharon, My little pug sometimes acts like he see things. Sometimes I wonder if our other pug who passed on, isn’t still around. He sometimes stands and stares at the floor, before he lays down. One time he kept barking at something that wasn’t there and he hardly ever barks. I really think pets see things we can’t always see!

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