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Why Do Lights Turn Off When I Go By?

Hi my question is and if I wrote all the times I remember I’d be writing for days. no matter if its night day sunny raining. I’m in a good bad mood everywhere I walk drive passenger lights turn not off but like there starting up every street on freeway doesn’t matter lights a light will dim its not scary.

I see and know certain things but don’t listen for myself now I’m getting into my 30s its very clear and clearer not why just clear I see many lost spirits in area I live like no where else I’ve lived or visited.

Back to the question why is that happening with lights I was told why many years ago by a friend that has a spirit guide she’s got skipped generations of this from down south back woods stuff I’m not a fan of that but she enlightened me after many deaths an not doing good had more questions than answers to many many people along with my wife ex-wife now drugs and loss of our child tor us.

Asked by Ryan

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Hi Ryan,

Your energy turns the lights off. The gift is called SLI .. Street Light Interference Street_light_interference_phenomenon .

We are not supposed to post links on this site, so I have deliberately broken that one. Just link it back together and you’ll be able to open the wikipedia page and read about the subject. It is unusual, but I know a number of people who have the gift.

It has nothing to do with drugs, broken relationships or loss of children .. its all about the energy we produce from our bodies.

Love & Peace

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