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Why Do I Always Wake Up At 3:33?

Ever since I was 13 I woke up at 3:33 and i’m 17 now, about to be 18 and still do but why?

I hear voices but I can’t understand what they say though.

Asked by whiteanddelicious

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Hi Whiteanddelicious

It’s normal for the body to go in and out of various levels of sleep during the night. In healthy sleep we develop patterns. One of the patterns is to wake sometime between the hours of 2-4am and blink awake, and then go back to sleep. For the most part, we are not aware of doing this, but if something catches our attention, such as a digital clock, we can develop a pattern of looking at the clock as we wake up .. so we wake to a higher level of awareness than we normally would. Personally, mine is 2.22. You have a personal peak at around 3.33 and look at the clock at that time. That’s the physiological (body) explanation. I hope you go back to sleep again.

Now a bit of metaphysics. My mother was a nurse. She told me, many years ago, that the nurses on her wards would go around and wake every very ill patient at around 3.30am, to make sure none of them ‘slipped away’ (died). Often the terminally ill would die at this hour. The understanding for that is that the human spirit is furthest away from its body, astral travelling, during 2-4am and by waking people up, including us waking ourselves, we re-anchor our spirit back in our body on our return. Again, that’s normal and healthy. Do you remember the ‘dreams’ you have at that time? They might be very interesting.

Love & Peace

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