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I Feel Like Something Is Going On Whether Inside Me Or Around Me

Hello to whoever may read this, I am a 19 year old female and I think something is going on. This is going to be very long so bear with me. When I was younger I could never sleep alone, I always had to sleep with my parents. I’m terrified of the dark even now, I feel things and/or hear things, and it scares me. I feel like something is always around or always watching me. When I was younger whenever I would sleep with my parents I would sleep in between them (that’s where I felt the safest), but just about every night on the ceiling fan I would see a kind of whitish goldish glowing spider… what does that mean?

Many nights I would see something at the foot of their bed somewhat reflected in the mirror on the wall. I would see a black (darker than night) creature… it would always be on its hands and knees/feet. And it would crawl around the room. I have been terrified of it ever since. now that I’m older I sleep alone, but some nights when I’m asleep but not all the way I feel like someone or something is right in my face, almost like it’s trying to absorb something.

The scariest thing that had ever happened to me on one night when I was sleeping on the couch (I started doing that because I was too scared/uncomfortable to sleep in my room) well I was laying there watching t.v and I heard a loud knock on the side door right by the couch. I can’t remember if it was two or three knocks but after I heard that I started trembling I had never been so scared in all my life. I never went to sleep that night, I even went into my moms room and layer with her. She had never seen me so scared.

I felt as if multiple spirits, entities, I don’t know were surrounding my house trying to get to me, but I also felt that a large group of them were forming a circle/half circle on our back patio. They were dark (black) they may have been wearing cloaks or something. And yes I went and investigated the knocking but I could never recreate it. I  have always seen things that I could never explain so I have always kept it to myself.

I just feel like something is going on whether inside of me or around me. I just want an opinion or even an answer. Thank you to whoever reads this.(oh and I forgot to mention I believe spirits are drawn to me).

Asked by BlueBird

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Hello Bluebird,

Let me explain a few things. The gift of clairsentience (clear sensing) is what you are using when you ‘sense’ things, or feel you are being watched. I usually tell the ‘things’ to go away, calmly .. and expect them to leave. I also use houseshields (white light shields, the link is at the bottom of this page) to keep things like that out of the house.

The dark entity that crawled on the floor, did it ever try and get on the bed? Did it crawl slowly, quickly .. did it seem human shaped? I would consider that one a ghost, the same as the entity that gets ‘right in your face’ .. ghosts absorb our human energy, its food for them .. again, white light shields, the person shield, will help stop that .. so check out the page.

Why were the knocks more frightening that the crawling figure? It is possible to explain them in logical ways, although three knocks can be a signal that someone is present (a ghost) or that there is a message, sometimes of a death in the family, or sometimes its simply a ghost being a real pain ..

If the ghosts are staying outside the house .. back verandah or front, it really doesn’t matter. What matters is they are outside, and therefore not able to get to you. That’s good. What do you have in the house that protects you?

As to ghosts being drawn to you (spirits aren’t, they are the good guys, they mostly leave us alone) .. ghosts are lost souls and they are drawn to certain people because we can help them cross into heaven .. and they see us, not necessarily because of that, but because our energy attracts them as a good feed. That’s pretty blunt, but its the truth. They seek to continue their unnatural existence for many reasons, and want you to feel frightened because it ‘flavours’ the energy in ways they like. That’s not very nice, so learning not to fear them is a good step in the right direction. The next is learning how to cross them over .. you’ll find that sort of information on the Michael Invocation pages, the link is also at the bottom of this page. Read what is written there, go on to other pages on my site and read about ghosts and spirit rescue .. and write to me with any questions, plenty of other people do.

Ghosts are people without bodies. They still have all the same attitudes and beliefs they had when they were alive. Nasty people are still nasty, good people are still good, but very confused. They choose not to cross into heaven for many reasons, that seem very sensible at the time, but .. truth is .. if they crossed over first, they could visit the living without creating fear and harm for us.

Some living people are born with the gift of either mediumship or are Spirit Rescuers .. and yes, ghosts like to talk to us, and find help .. it can be very tiring, which is why the shields are important .. helps to stop us losing energy, feeling the emotions the ghosts project at us, and protects us from them attaching to us. The Michael Invocation clears energy .. so use it for yourself, and then for your home ..

That’s a beginning …

Love & Peace