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Bad Sleep Problems

I was in a bad car wreck broke my back in two places, lacerated liver, knocked teeth out, and broke my collar bone, and all around butt kicking from getting ejected from a car at sixty mph.

I have been on pain meds since the wreck whitch has been for eight years or so. Now I have to take much more a day to ease the pain than I did eight years ago. Now when I try to sleep after taking my meds all day it is the most scariest thing since the crash I get stuck or paralyzed or something, I’m awake but cant move. Sometimes I can move my toes and my girlfriend knows to get me and help me.

What is happening to me and can anybody help me? I’m really worried.

Asked by William

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It’s sleep paralysis. The same thing happened to me when I had back problems and had to take pain medication. (I have had sleep paralysis, on and off, since I was a child, but when I was on pain medication it was much, much worse. Like you, I had horrible dreams and nightmares.) It’s very scary, but it happens to many people and doctors say it’s not dangerous.

My suggestion: Each night, before you go to sleep, pray and ask God to put a white circle of light around you and keep you safe. Since I started saying that prayer each night (which was about two years ago), I have not had one episode of sleep paralysis. Prayer really works!

Good luck and God bless.


Hi William,

The first thing I would do is go to the doctor and have your medication checked, and perhaps changed .. because an increased dose means either that it is not as effective as it used to be (your body can get ‘used’ to medicines and do that) or there are other problems now that need to be assessed and explained. Tell the doctor about the paralysis as well, just to cover yourself. You might find its one of the symptoms of the medicine, as will be any bad dreams you might have.

Sleep paralysis is caused when your mind wakes up before your body does. This is a completely normal physiological (body) process. Thousands of people experience it. Once you can wiggle your toes your body is waking up and you’ll find the rest of you follows very quickly. It might seem to last forever, but its really only a few moments or minutes.

I like Brenda’s idea of a protective bubble, because I’m a great believer in energy shield .. but .. you don’t mention any paranormal problems, or nightmare images, which can be another reaction to sleep paralysis.

Love & Peace
Ama Nazra

suffering from sleep paralysis over 30 years.
The mind waking up before your body is one of many “theories” but its so vague. If that was the case it would easily respond to drugs but it doesnt.
Recently I found a doctor who said they’re having promising results with PTSD medications. It’s simple. Your brain is most active and awake while you sleep but for some reason your fight or flight mechanism gets triggered resulting in a surge of adrenaline. Translation PTSD.
Good news is that three months on PTSD meds and not 1 episode. I’m living a different life.
Meditation is always good for the soul. The trauma I’ve suffered over this for years took its toll. I finally can relax and sleep.

Hi Andrew,
I would recommend you to chant while you are meditating.
“Light of JESUS with me” even if you don’t believe in anything just try.
Please practice this meditation for a month and you will see what sort of changes are happening in your life.
I am not going to write examples or any testimonials but I witnessed and leaved my self miracles of JESUS.
In my opinion you are already blessed by GOD.