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Why Do I Hear Radio And Static Disturbance?

I wake up to… a radio playing… the music is very faint… older music…  when there is not one. I awake to… static from a radio. I’m completely awake but as soon as I sit up in bed it disappears.

It has been going on for a few years. I even moved to a different home and now its more often.

Should I be concerned? Or why it continues?

Asked by Darci Miller

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Sometimes metal fillings in your teeth will cause a person to pick up radio station transmissions. If you have anything like that you might want to check and see if there are any high wattage stations near you.

Hello BB, nice to see you .. good answer. I forgot about fillings in teeth. 🙂

Hello Darci

Somewhere between waking and sleeping is a place where the human senses are heightened and we hear all sorts of things .. from radio signals and to static and high pitched whines. Have you had your hearing tested lately, just to eliminate tinnitus – which also makes your ears noisy?

As you can see, there are many answers possible. Eliminate the real world ones first and then look at the paranormal. 🙂

Love & Peace

I used to live in a house that i now look back on as ‘creepy’. One night i was having trouble sleeping so i tried falling asleep on the couch. Immediately after laying down i started hearing distant music. But not loud enough to make out. I thought it might be the neighbors but it wasnt. As i layed trying to figure out what the songs were all of the sudden (this is the part i have never figured out) i was standing in the back yard face to face to a black cloaked figure. I was terrified! It seemed like i was there for a very long time with this figure. The next thing i knew i was ‘coming to’on my couch.i dont know if it was a dream or what! My eyes had apparently been rolled back in my head for a while. They were very strained and somewhat painful. To this day i have no clue what happened to me that night. I dont know if it was some kind of seizure or if i had experienced something of a dark nature. So if i hear a faint sound of music i try not to even pay any attention to it!

Hi Jan,

By the sound of things you astral travelled out of your body and met whatever was standing in your yard. What did the figure actually do, while you were watching it?

Love & Peace

I dont remember it doing anything. It was just standing there in front of me and i was just terrified! I could go back to the very spot it happened. There was a ‘feeling’ at that house that was very dark and depressed. Maybe opressed? But you could feel it. Ive never heard of astral travel. What is it?

Houses can definitely feel miserable, generally because of the collected emotion of everyone who has lived in them, or any house on the land before the current one was built. The memory of deaths can also haunt a location, which someone will build a house on later on, and the location can become haunted because of that. Ghosts feed on negative emotions.

Astral travelling happens when our spirit leaves our body at night, or even during the day, when we are sleeping. It’s normal and healthy to do this, usually without awareness of having done so. Our bodies need the rest, our spirit doesn’t, so astral travelling allows time for us to visit family in spirit, and go to class sometimes. 🙂 If you look it up on the internet, you’ll find a ton of information about the subject.

We cannot get lost from our bodies because we are connected to them by a silver cord, that only dissolves at death. Astral travelling can also be done spontaneously, by people who are awake, in times of crisis, or by training themselves to do so. We can travel all over the world this way.

From what you have written, was someone with you when you went into either sleep, or perhaps a trance, and left your body? If so, did you say anything that they remember? It might help you understand what you experienced, or shared, with the figure – or find out who it was.

Love & Peace

Thank you for taking the time that you have to help me find an answer. I really appreciate it 🙂 .
No, i was alone. The reason i couldnt sleep that night was because my (then) husband was snoring. So i went to lay on the couch till i got sleepy enough to go back to bed.
I was wide awake when i layed down and started hearing ‘the music’ and the next thing i know is that im ‘coming to’ from what felt like a nightmare but i know that my eyes had been rolled back in my head because of the strain i felt. And i kind of remember the point when they came back to normal. The cloaked figure was alot taller than i and he just stood in front of me in that dark back yard. All i remember is that and how afraid i was.
I also remember when i came to i jumped off that couch and ran and got back in bed and woke my husband up and told him about it. That was the night i was taught about rebuking.
I guess there were a few things going on in my life that were unsetteling. My (then) husband being all of them. He was very abusive. He would be God fearing one minute and the next he would be saying crazy and vile things. Ive even seen him foam at the mouth during one of his spells.

Wow. Now that you mentioned that, no, ive not. I had alot of strange things happen while i was married to him. Since i left theres only been one incident thats happened to me. It was of a spiritual nature but i dont think it was of the devil. I would love to tell you about it if youre interested. Its something ive thought of very often and wondered about.

I am always interested. You can write it here, or email it to me privately. My email address is under a link at the bottom of this page, and then at the bottom of the purple one it opens. Look for “Sacred Gates” down below.

Love & Peace

Thank you Ama 🙂
What happened was one of the scariest times of my life. I had just had a major surgery on one of my lungs. I woke up in icu/recovery and could barely remember that something had gone wrong aftrr my surgery but i couldnt remember what. I just remembered a nurse running towards me with an intubator (spell) in her hand and i was covering my mouth and saying “no!”. Then i went right back out.
So im laying in recovery going in and out of consciousness when i opened my eyes and could see hundreds of little white lights darting around several nurses and all about the room. These lights all had trails of light behind them. I actually remember watching one inparticular darting back and forth from one side of the room to the other.
I didnt know what to do. I couldnt move due to the pain and medications given to me.
I strongly felt that the lights were of a spiritual nature and all i could do since i couldnt move was to close my eyes and prepare let happen whatever was about to happen. I knew they were either there to protect me or take me. Either way, there was nothing i could do.
This has bothered me for the last 7 years not knowing what it was. So my question…in your oppinion do you think this was something spiritual or maybe the medications?

Hi Jan,

By the sounds of things you were suffering from oxygen starvation .. so perhaps your lung collapsed. Not remembering is normal (having woken up with the same knowledge myself after major surgery – it was another doctor a couple of years later that finally explained to me what had probably gone wrong!) ..

The little bright lights .. were they flashy things, or orbs (circles)? We are surrounded by spiritual beings who love us very much, and do gather to take us Home, or to help us heal. The choice of whether we die is up to us, in the long run. By relaxing and being accepting you would have allowed the healing to be more effective, and so you are here today to tell your story. And yes, we can sense when spiritual beings are around us, if we let ourself.

Apart from acceptance, can you remember what other emotions did you feel at the time?

Love & Peace
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Hi Ama, you just dont know how much i appreciate the time you are taking out for my questions! Thank you 🙂
You asked if they were orbs or flashy things. The best way i can describe them is if youve ever been outside and seen gnats (yes gnats lol) flying around in large numbers in the air. It was like that except it was little white lights. (I would say they were round) As they darted about the room they were leaving ‘tails’ or ‘tracers’.
Ive experienced the lights like you get right before a migraine headache or when you are having sinus issues and it wasnt like those.
The only other feeling i got from this was fear from the unknown.
I do have to say its comforting to me to know someone else had the same, or similar experience as me.
Ive always considered myself to be a little sensitive to this type of thing. But not so much that i could really understand this one.
Again, thanks Ama!

You are welcome, Jan. Sorry about the delay in answering, but its been a full-on month.

The lights .. I think would be optical illusions, when your eyes were over-sensitive to light patterns and perhaps your spirit was not quite back in your body yet. Nothing to worry about. The ‘unusual’ is usual in the metaphysical world, and when you already have the gift of clairvoyance, anything is possible.

Love & Peace

Darci Miller,

I will share my thoughts on this which are entirely grounded in science, medicine and personal experience. I by no means intend to disrespect the former contributors to this forum as it is up to each and every individual to decide for themselves what they believe. I just want to make sure that you are aware of an alternative explanation in case other aspects of your life are being negatively impacted.

What you are describing is an hypnopompic hallucination, an auditory, tactile, visual or other sensory event that occurs in the transition from sleep to wakefulness. The content will vary from person to person but I too have experienced the radio static and music that you refer to. I have also experienced touch, pressure, pain, smells, etc. They will be very lifelike, just as if you were awake, so much so that it may be hard to separate it from reality because they felt so real and may have even made you feel very scared or confused. They can also be accompanied by something called “sleep paralysis”

Sleep Paralysis can occur when falling asleep or awakening, during this experience one will be unable to react, speak or move, and may even feel like there is a pressure on their chest making it hard for them to breath. Since SP occurs in the transitional state between sleep and wakefulness it can often be accompanied by hallucinations that feel very real and very terrifying. These scary hallucinations may take on the form of a creature, intruder, supernatural being or something demonic and they often make the person feel a sense of dread as if they were about to be harmed.

Muscle atonia is the paralyzed state of skeletal muscles that occurs during REM sleep. The function of the paralysis is to protect us from acting out our dreams. Normally, one is not aware of this paralysis occurring during REM as normally REM does not begin until we have been asleep for 90 minutes.

Sleep Paralysis occurs when the BODY begins to shut down for REM sleep, while the person still remains AWARE. This happens due to a disturbance of regular sleep patterns, that causes different stages of sleep to overlap and occur out of order. This can also happen when the characteristics of REM sleep are retained upon awakening.

Hypnopompic/hypnagogic hallucinations, and sleep paralysis are a part of a tetrad of symptoms of Narcolepsy, the chronic neurological sleep disorder. If you are experiencing other symptoms such as
Excessive daytime sleepiness- Falling asleep at unwanted times, despite an apparent adequate nights rest.
Cataplexy- Sudden loss of muscle tone triggered by emotion, buckling knees, closed eyes, slack jaw, limp neck, garbled speech, full body paralysis. Automatic behaviour- continuing to complete routine tasks without memory or awareness of doing so (put something away in odd spot, written scribbled notes, lose track of time etc.) Brain fog, impaired memory, night time insomnia- frequent awakenings during the night, impaired cognition and concentration are also commonly experienced.

It is possible for people who do not have narcolepsy or another sleep disorder to experience sleep paralysis or hypnagogic or hypnopompic hallucinations. This is believed to be the reason why there are many reports of an alien encounter, a break in, or an intruder that there is no physical evidence of having ever occurred. The content of the hallucination may vary from culture to culture. This exemplifies how realistic these experiences can be to those who experience them.

If you are experiencing any of the other symptoms of narcolepsy I would suggest asking your family doctor for blood tests and a referral for an overnight sleep study. Don’t avoid going because you fear you will lose your license, I didn’t. Once receiving treatment you are much safer to drive anyway. Most doctors are very unfamiliar with narcolepsy and it is believed that only 25% of people who have it are ever diagnosed. It is often misdiagnosed as well and the sleepiness is believed to be caused by anemia, poor sleep habits, mono, thyroid-disorder, depression, or even a psychiatric illness due to the misinterpreted hallucinations. Therefore it is very important to educate yourself about these symptoms so that you can be your own self-advocate and inform your doctors if they are not familiar with it.

I have experienced the sleep-paralysis and hallucinations in my teens, myself and they terrified me. I initially believed that they may be something supernatural. I did not want to tell anyone as I feared they would interpret it as mental illness. Due to the demonic and religious tone of the “hauntings” I would have nearly driven myself mad or self harmed had I not soon after found out that the cause of these experiences was narcolepsy. I now take medication to control my excessive daytime sleepiness and something at night to regulate the sleep cycle to resemble a more natural one. Once I became aware of the nature of the hallucinations, I feared them much less and the theme of my hallucinations became more pleasant. Since you mentioned that this is reoccuring it is very likely either a sleep disorder or linked to one of the below reasons.

Were you on any Tricyclic antidepressants at the time? These are believed to increase the likelihood of Hypnagogic(falling asleep) or hypnopompic(waking from sleep) hallucinations.

Drug or alcohol use. illicit drugs and excessive alcohol consumption can produce hallucinations. seek help from your physician or a treatment program.

If stress or anxiety may be at the root of your hypnagogic hallucinations, you should also consult with your doctor or a mental health professional.

I would recommend being selective of your sources and stick to reputable institutions such as the mayo clinic. However in this case Wikipedia has a very good breakdown of sleep paralysis and narcolepsy, whether or not all the stats or facts are up to date and accurate, I’m not sure.

More information can be found at:
patient. info/doctor/hypnagogic-hallucinations
en.wikipedia. org/wiki/Narcolepsy
en.wikipedia. org/wiki/Sleep_paralysis
ninds.nih .gov/Disorders/Patient-Caregiver-Education/Fact-Sheets/Narcolepsy-Fact-Sheet
mayoclinic .org/diseases-conditions/narcolepsy/basics/definition/con-20027429

Please respond to this forum if you have any questions.

Just wanted to add a note that the onset of Narcolepsy can be caused by several factors.

-the loss of orexin-releasing neurons within the lateral hypothalamus. low orexin levels are correlated with a history of infection, brain injuries due to head trauma, brain tumors, stroke etc. or contact with toxins/pesticides.

-In up to 10% of cases there is a family history of the disorder

-H1N1 flu vaccine increased prevalence of narcolepsy in Irish, Finnish and Swedish children after vaccinations. 37 cases of children’s narcolepsy had been reported by doctors, compared to the normal average of 3 cases of children’s narcolepsy per year.

Mine began after a respiratory virus.

ncbi.nlm.nih. gov/pmc/articles/PMC3848424/
lakemedelsverket. se/upload/nyheter/2011/Fallinventeringsrapport_pandermrix_110630.pdf

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