Where Can I Learn More About Reincarnation?

I just read your blog and website about not getting involved in paranormal websites or people who claim that they are certified paranormal investigators. I agree with you and want to know if you know of a good site to go to to learn about reincarnation.

My reason is simple. About 9 years ago, an ex b/f paid some people to put a hodoo on me and had I not known what I was in my past life, I wouldn’t have been able to fight the demons with holy water, a crucifix, psalm 53 and take them down. I was born and raised catholic, but had an interest in the paranormal since I was a kid. My friends and I would sneak off and see a psychic and during one of my reads, I was told, I was a witch who healed people. A witch doctor. It scared me when I was told this, so I kept it to myself and never told a soul.

Growing up. I never did anything except watch ghost haunting and see a psychic once a year. Well, then I moved to Florida. I met a girlfriend here no name given who carried around a ouija board on her key chain and had a masters in criminal justice. I have a degree in paralegal studies and cj and we both had an interest in psychic phenomena and got along great. We never discussed wiccan, her key chain or anything related to the subject matter. She was real sweet and cool. I liked her alot and then she moved with her husband to their first home.

Anyways, not too long after she moved, I had a black bat of energy come through the window scare me and leave a bunch of ghost for me to use holy water on. It was terrifying, but had it never occurred to me that I was a witch in my past life, I never would have known how to fight this battle we are all going to face and that is spiritual warfare.

Now whats even more interesting to me is I had a daughter 8 years ago and she is a psychic but I’m not. We never discuss it, sometimes I get an overwhelming sense of knowing something and usually, I’m right. I am. I do know from a past life not to trust gypsy’s and palm readers. It’s a personal preference. think they are fraud. I prefer the psychics or did- the ones who were on Court TV solving homicide cases. If you go to and do a search for psychic detectives, you’ll find them. They are a few good ones.


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Hello Jacqueline,

What do you want to know about reincarnation? I can’t really recommend any webpages, because I have never bothered using any, but I do know quite a lot about the process, if you would like to tell me what you want to know?

To incarnate means embodied in flesh; in human form. To ‘re’incarnate simply means to do it all over again. The spirit ‘self’ is eternal, from creation to resolution. Humans were made as a learning tool, for self and their Creator. Every life is important, every ‘self’ is important, but the person you are today won’t necessarily be the person you were in the last lifetime, nor in the the next. You can be truly good in this lifetime, to balance out a lifetime when you were purely evil .. that’s called karma. And the third concept to understand is ‘free will’, the right to choose our destiny, our own life paths, and everything we learn on them.

It’s a very broad subject, so asking questions is best …

Love & Peace

I have a few questions about reincarnation. Can animals reincarnate as humans? Do trees and plants reincarnate? Is there a limit on how many times you can reincarnate? How come most people don’t remember their past lives easily?

Hi Micle,

The Buddhists believe that humans come back as animals, and visa versa. Some people think they have wolf spirits, some think they are fairies or were angels/demons. Is it possible, yes.

Do trees and plants reincarnate .. they are not human, they are of the earth. Reincarnation is a human activity, for the most part, and I have never met a person who thought they were a tree .. but again .. who knows?

There is no limit to the number of times you can incarnate, or should .. there are only lessons. Learn them quickly and you incarnate less times, or do so through choice or because Spirit has asked you to return for a specific purpose.

And people are not supposed to remember their past lives, because it distracts from focusing on this lifetime. We have enough to do already without getting lost in the far past.

Love & Peace

Thank you for your reply!
I have more questions if you don’t mind answering them. Maybe I might ask some of Jacqueline’s questions.

So, do we tend to reincarnate with the same people in each lifetime? What is the point of being able to remember some of your past lives (if not all of them) if it distracts from focusing on the persons current lifetime? Do your pets reincarnate with you the same way people sometimes do? Are there people in different dimensions or alternate realities that reincarnate into our world? Do you choose how your body will look before reincarnating? How much do you plan of your life before reincarnating (I am asking because I read that people somehow plant out the big events in their lives). What would those big events be? How many lifetimes have people generally have lived? Do Pleiadians reincarnate as well? How would planning your life work out before being born, wouldn’t it get pretty boring living your life the same way over and over again? For example, you are born, you eat food, you sleep, you dream, you laugh, you die. Isn’t it too repetitive to be learning a different lesson, or even multiple lessons, in a lifetime? How is it that you get healed when you go to heaven BUT somehow, when certain people reincarnate, healers or people tell them, “You have past life issues that need to be healed”. Isn’t that what going to heaven is for, to heal from your past life? How does a person carry the trauma’s, fears, and negativity from a past life to the next one if they get healed in heaven?

I think that is all for now. 🙂

I really do feel sorry for people who believe in reincarnation. People seem more and more confused these days I find. My heart goes out to them. If you believe in God you should know God loves us too much to put us through this world again. We are new spirits. If animals had souls, theyd be able to talk and think like us. I think people who aren’t the happiest with thier lives or something fantasize living a different past life. Go to church and listen, meet new people and discover who you are really meant to be. I did and I can breath much easier. I am an empath and I see spirits every day. But I can deal with it because I know Jesus is my protection.

Hi Ingrid,

A soul does not define whether a being can talk or not. Animals communicate very clearly, they are often more loving, and more forgiving, than the average human, who is supposed to be the superior species on the planet. In real terms, we are just another sort of predator, but with huge limitations .. drop us in the sea and we drown, toss us from a plane and we … land hard.

And we are not all new spirits. I have had many incarnations as human, and remember ‘life between lives’ quite clearly, and have since I was a very small child. Instead, it might be you that is choosing to believe you are a new spirit, for the lessons that that belief can help to provide us all in our profoundly long ‘life’ that being a living human is only a very small part of.

I read your other message about orbs, and know you can see spirits. Which church do you visit, that doesn’t condemn you as a soothsayer or witch, or worse?

When more than half the world’s population believes and has experienced reincarnation, asking them to deny their memories and beliefs because they are fantasizing .. when the three year old, in 2001, tells his mother that he died as a kamikaze pilot during the second world war, or was gassed during that same war (me), or says they are a person they have never met .. and then goes to visit that living family of that person, recognises everyone in it by name, and remembers events that the child could not possibly know about .. to the point that the family acknowledges that 3 year old as a relative reincarnated. Or a million other stories ..

We are not deluded or fantasizing. We have lived before. We have died before. We shall live again .. and again .. until the end when God calls us all Home. Much more fun than hanging around doing nothing in heaven while we wait for everyone else to finish their adventures (called ‘life’).

Love & Peace