Where Can I Learn More About Reincarnation?

I just read your blog and website about not getting involved in paranormal websites or people who claim that they are certified paranormal investigators. I agree with you and want to know if you know of a good site to go to to learn about reincarnation.

My reason is simple. About 9 years ago, an ex b/f paid some people to put a hodoo on me and had I not known what I was in my past life, I wouldn’t have been able to fight the demons with holy water, a crucifix, psalm 53 and take them down. I was born and raised catholic, but had an interest in the paranormal since I was a kid. My friends and I would sneak off and see a psychic and during one of my reads, I was told, I was a witch who healed people. A witch doctor. It scared me when I was told this, so I kept it to myself and never told a soul.

Growing up. I never did anything except watch ghost haunting and see a psychic once a year. Well, then I moved to Florida. I met a girlfriend here no name given who carried around a ouija board on her key chain and had a masters in criminal justice. I have a degree in paralegal studies and cj and we both had an interest in psychic phenomena and got along great. We never discussed wiccan, her key chain or anything related to the subject matter. She was real sweet and cool. I liked her alot and then she moved with her husband to their first home.

Anyways, not too long after she moved, I had a black bat of energy come through the window scare me and leave a bunch of ghost for me to use holy water on. It was terrifying, but had it never occurred to me that I was a witch in my past life, I never would have known how to fight this battle we are all going to face and that is spiritual warfare.

Now whats even more interesting to me is I had a daughter 8 years ago and she is a psychic but I’m not. We never discuss it, sometimes I get an overwhelming sense of knowing something and usually, I’m right. I am. I do know from a past life not to trust gypsy’s and palm readers. It’s a personal preference. think they are fraud. I prefer the psychics or did- the ones who were on Court TV solving homicide cases. If you go to and do a search for psychic detectives, you’ll find them. They are a few good ones.



Life Before Life?

I vividly remember an occurrence on a soap opera (and everyone knows they don’t do re-runs) when I was very, very young… watching it with my mother and seeing the conclusion the next episode. I had even talked about that with my mom a few times through the years when we would be discussing the show.

Well, when looking at websites about the show, it turns out that what I saw happened three years before I was born. I know they’ll do flashbacks on those shows from time to time, but as I said, this is a very vivid memory. It was one of those cliffhanger Friday episodes.

So, what happened? I’ve never really delved into the ideas of reincarnation or the soul choosing the life path before birth, but I am curious about this. Was I checking out my mom before she was my mom?

Asked by Renirc


Are These Flashbacks Telling Me About My Past Lives?

Sometimes while I’m doing my usual activities like typing my work, washing dishes, taking a bus or just doing nothing there would come a faint black and white flashbacks about people wearing old-fashioned clothes and I could feel that I’m inside of that scene.

Sometimes I could feel that I’m  dressed like a man or a child. I’m bothered about it and having a hard time getting rid of these creepy pictures.

Asked by Venush