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The Far Far Away Man – Concerned For My Children

Ever since I was little my brother and I always felt as if something was following us. We never experienced anything violent, just very odd occurrences.

I guess it all started when I was in 7th grade and I had my brother take me to a cemetery to get a piece of the moss that grows on tombstones for a science project. Before we left we found a suicide note on the ground, and my brother decided to keep it.

A few days later he thought it would be interesting to buy a Ouija Board to see if we could talk to the person who wrote the note (if in fact they did commit suicide).

Needless to say nothing happened during the Ouija session, but afterward on the way home from a friends, we noticed a pair of red eyes in the distance staring at us. The very next day the Ouija board went in the garbage.

Ever since all that, I’ve always felt like something has been following me. I am now 25 and have two beautiful children and it feels like everything is getting worse. Things are being thrown off shelves, my children’s toys are going off in the middle of the night and being moved, and every time I snap a picture of my children there always seems to be a ball of light in them. (I have several and a video for proof).

I’m scared for them. I’ve read that children are more susceptible to seeing things and experiencing things. On top of all that my 3 year old is constantly looking around corners when she walks through the house and tells me she’s scared of the “far far away” man.

My brother and I talk everyday and he has also mentioned he’s experiencing weird things as well. I don’t know what I should do, I’m scared for my children. Please help.

Asked by Alicia

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Hello Alicia,

Time to clear house and your energy. I do wish people would not play with ouija boards.

I do not think the moss or the suicide note would drawn anything to you, though I hope the note has gone in the bin long ago. It’s very sad when someone chooses to kill themselves, and sometimes they stay a ghost, but they have as much chance to cross into heaven straight away, so I hope they went. If the person didn’t, and is still hanging around, then the Michael Invocation will clear them. The link to it is at the the bottom of this webpage. Use the personal one to clear yourself, and get your brother to also say it, and then use it to clear your home (and him, his) of all spooky visitors.

Also .. learn the white light shields (link down there too). The house one is great for keeping your home ghost free.

I know your daughter says she’s afraid of the far away man, but does she say why? Kids are born more sensitive these days, but that doesn’t mean any harm will come to them. A bit of commonsense will keep them safe from things that are generally unseen. If the kids do develop into mediums, teach them the shields .. and you can wrap a shield around each of them separately, right up to the age of 13 .. renew it each morning when you do yours.

Love & Peace