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How Can I Stop Feeling Drained?

When I help people in any way, spiritual especially, I feel very tired and drained. How can stop this?

I have heard certain rocks or crystals.

Any suggestions?

Asked by Julie

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Maybe it would be good to try making shields before helping people. On the bottom of this page is a section called “White Light Shields”. Maybe try that out and see if that helps.

Certain crystals do help protect your from negative energy, some actually absorb it. I think black obsidian, black tourmaline, and Smokey quartz may help with negative energy. Sometimes being around d negative energy makes us feel drained.

Hi Julie,

Micle has already mentioned the shields. I suggest you learn to stop using your own spiritual energy to help people, and instead learn something like Reiki, which gives you more energy to use, that isn’t exhausting your own. And use the shields every day to stop people draining you of your energy .. which they often do unintentionally.

As to crystals for protection .. jet, volcanic obsidian, rose quartz (heart/love energy) are all good to use, and usually not hard to obtain, but the problem with stones is you can lose them .. better to work with shields, in my experience.

Love & Peace