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When And Where Do Our Souls Go After Death?

When we die where do our souls go? And do our souls immediately go after death? Will I see my loved ones?

Asked by Pam Peele

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Hi Pam,

When we die we go into a healing place in heaven, where we review our lives, learn from our experiences (life lessons), make decisions about our behaviours (karma), have a holiday and then do it all over again. What we do not do is ‘go to hell’, ‘lie in the ground until Judgment Day’, or ‘await the second coming’. Heaven is everything a person needs to become their ‘true’ self, which is always beautiful, regardless of the behaviours they practised, or beliefs they held, while alive. What we can do when we die is become a ghost, a person trapped between heaven and earth who is lost and often confused by their state. A person might choose to become a ghost for ‘very good reasons’, like not wanting to leave their family, or fear of judgment, or not believing in ‘anything’ .. but heaven is always there, calling us Home, and we are constantly reminded that it is there waiting for us. Some people become ghosts because they die in shock and do not realise they are dead .. but that doesn’t always happen .. because our family and our angels and guides are waiting for us to cross over .. and yes, you will see them, and be given the choice to go with them or not. We never lose our free will, even there.

A person who chooses to take their own life has a slightly different path. They too go into heaven, review their lives, make their decisions, but their next lifetime is a very close repeat of the one they chose to leave early, so that they have the opportunity to make a different decision. This is so that they can benefit from all the lessons the first life was supposed to supply them .. its not a form of punishment at all.

When we die it takes 72 hours for the spirit of the person to disconnect from their physical body. The chakra system (spiritual energy system) has to ‘unwind’, gently releasing, and it is during this time that we sleep a lot and visit our family and friends. It might sound like it would take forever, but because there is no time (or distance) in heaven, it all happens in the ‘here & now’. Once this time has passed we ‘cross over’. We spend time in healing, and when we are ready, we can come and go on earth .. we are set free. As a spirit we do no harm. As a ghost .. we must still feed, and human energy is really the only source of food .. which is why its better to cross over and then come back to ‘visit’, rather than trapping ourselves and being forced to hang around.

And yes, as I said earlier, when you die you will see all your loved ones again. It might surprise you who you see, because often those we dislike most in life are actually some of our best friends when we get ‘Home’ ..

I hope that answers your questions 🙂

Love & Peace

Ama, just about everything you have mentioned here, I feel the same about the hear-after.
You said it takes about 72 hours for the spirit to disconnect from the body. That is interesting, because I have wondered about Cremation. I read somewhere that some religions don’t believe in cremation, because the spirit leaves the body too soon and becomes lost.
I’m curious how you feel about it?


Hi Nancy,

It appears that most religions that have ‘resurrection of the body’ don’t advocate cremation. In Christianity this is because the dead are supposed to ‘rise uncorrupted’ at the Second Coming of Jesus to be judged. In European countries the legend of vampires, whose bodies remain in the grave ‘uncorrupted’ (which basically means not rotting), was actually caused by an enzyme in the soil that preserved the body, rather than dissolving it. Hindu’s have a good idea .. they advocate cremation within 24 hours saying it helps to release the soul into heaven (given the temperatures over there, also preserves the health of the living people). It would also help if someone was hanging around their body because they didn’t believe they should have died. Some ghosts will turn up looking ‘rotten’ because they are watching their bodies ‘return to the earth’ if they are not buried (murders and accidents) .. and yet to be confusing, the Christian burial ceremony says ‘ashes to ashes, dust to dust’ .. which means they know the bodies dissolve in the ground .. so why they aren’t they comfortable with cremation (ashes) is a puzzle to me. It’s not as if God can’t see what happens to our bodies after we die. And what about people who have been buried for 1000’s of years since Jesus died .. are their bodies still around, if they are not preserved with formaldehyde .. or whatever they use these days? That’s very unlikely. Most of them are bones .. that gets proved by archeologists every day.

Saints are said to remain uncorrupted .. it would be interesting to investigate the bodies to see why that happens .. and its probably been done, but I don’t any information .. if not, the churches might not allow it because they like to keep their myths.

The Egyptians believed that the dead would rise and take up their bodies again, which is why they created mummies .. without brains or internal organs .. perhaps that’s where the idea of Christian Resurrection comes from?

I believe that the spirit needs time to adjust between one state of being and another, they might do this quickly, they might not .. it depends on each person’s reaction to dying. Some embrace it, accept it and move on quickly, others take hundreds or thousands of years. That’s free will in action. I think fear plays a strong part in what happens to us once we die .. we don’t go to hell, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t some part of ‘heaven’ that has been created by the fears of people who believe in hell .. just for them to spend a short time in .. before someone (living or guides & angels) goes in and pulls them out again.

In the case of the Hindus their burial techniques are well known and accepted so people would cross over .. otherwise we’d be littered with Hindu ghosts, and quite truthfully, they are very few and far between. There are far more Christian ghosts, in my experience .. even overseas.

If a body is burned (car crash) before the 72 hours are up .. which btw was also the amount of time people were left unburied during the middle ages just in case they woke up again .. then yes they might go into shock and be a lost soul for a while .. but as I said before, we are always watched over. Our guardian angels remain with us until we walk into the face of God (by whatever name) .. so they follow ghosts around, until they can lead them Home.

Love & Peace

Ama, There is one American Indian tribe in Southern California, I can’t remember the name, but they would put the body up on a platform on stilts, wrapped in blankets and leave it for a long time. I can’t remember how long for sure, but I heard weeks. After a certain time, they set fire to it.
I think in recent years, they made them stop leaving the body to lay in State for so long and made them cremate them within a shorter period of time. Several days instead of weeks.

Thank You so much for all the information, I found it so interesting!


They weren’t the only societies, Nancy, it was common practise among Tibetans, in Iran, India and the Solomon Islands – pre-modern age. In most societies, once the process was completely, the bones were gathered up and stored somewhere safely, and the people who has passed became honoured ancestors.

And yes, the customs of different societies around the world is also fascinating to me. 🙂

Love & Peace

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