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How Did My First Name Mysteriously Appear On My Mothers Prayer Note Pad?

My first name mysteriously appeared in strange writing on my mothers prayer note pad.

I live in another state than my 84 yr old mother – she does a daily ritual of sitting outside saying her prayers – today she called me a bit freaked out because she had opened her note book up and found my first name on the page in writing that wasn’t hers – she said it looked like someone wasn’t pressing hard enough at first then they pressed harder. The letters were not in her handwriting which is very notably unique.

What could that mean? I was at home all day – safe and not ill or anything.

Asked by Mel

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Hi Mel,

If my daughter’s name appeared on my prayer list the first thing I would do would be ring her and ask if she was all right. In the meantime, do you have a really unusual name? What might have happened is that a ghost was visiting, saw the list, decided she needed praying for, and added her name. It takes a lot of strength to ‘move’ something, even a pen or pencil .. so the writing might start out light and end up heavy as the ghost puts more energy into their request.

Since there is nothing wrong with you, I would do things .. check your health and then thank whomever added your name to your mother’s list .. nice to be thought about. 🙂 And if it was a ghost, ask mum to pray for her. She might really appreciate the help.

Love & Peace

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