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Strange Things Happening In My Home

I hope you can help. About two weeks ago my dog was staring at something and looked weird for over 20 minutes like she was staring at someone but we didn’t know what she was looking at.

Two days ago I was laying in bed and I saw a girl approximately teen age years walk out of the hallway and toward my living room when I called out to see if it was my daughters it wasn’t. I can remember her vividly every detail about her.

Last night my dog was growling and barking and I couldn’t find anything.

Then this morning my 16 year old daughter woke up with two hand prints on her thighs. After the shower then disappeared.

Please give me some guidance on what to do.

Asked by Kim

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Hi Kim,

Sounds like you have a ghost visiting. The hand-prints turning up is a new twist to some hauntings. It certainly shows the living there is a unexplained visitor in the house. In this case it might be the girl you saw.

You have to decide what you want to do about it. In my opinion, and experience, its not good to let ghosts hang around. They are not happy beings, and they feed of living human’s energy. They influence our moods and feelings to get the sort of energy they want, and so can be very disruptive. I always advise people to clear their homes, and help the lost soul (because they are lost) into heaven.

You can do this in three ways. You could ask the minister of your church to come and bless the house, with the intention of sending the ghost to heaven. You could ask a medium to come in and talk to the ghost and cross it over .. or you could scroll to the bottom of this page and use the Michael Invocation to clear your home. It will also cross the ghost over into the healing place where it needs to be. It also helps to ‘spring clean’ the house’s energy when everyone is feeling a bit grumpy.

That should settle things down again. If not, write again, there are other ways to clear houses.

Love & Peace

Hi stay at my daughters house twice per week this week had strange experience sounded like toy saying how are you checked every were couldn’t find any toys in room then again the next night woke me around four times never had this problem before then the following night my daughter and her husband were woken by the same thing also noticed cold chill in the room can you explain what is happening and what to do as my 6 year old grandson gas been saying for weeks now his toys come to life a night

Hi Pat,

It sounds as if you have a ghostly visitor, probably a child, since it is playing with the toys. I suggest you follow the link below to the Michael Invocation and use it to clear your home. It will cross the ghost into heaven, and put a stop to moving toys and cold spots.

Love & Peace

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