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What Made These Strange Footprints in the Snow?

Many years ago, my daughter and I were snowed in at our place of employment. More than three feet of snow were on the ground, making it impossible to get home for almost two weeks.

When we finally got back, my daughter went outside to take some photographs (this was before the advent of digital photography) and noticed some large footprints in the snow that started in a certain spot not too far from the house, and went up a small embankment and stopped. None of the rest of the snow in the yard had been disturbed in the slightest.

What could that be? Thank you in advance for any response.

Asked by Christine

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They appeared to be a large man’s boot prints. But in three feet of snow, none of it disturbed except for that small area and the indentations weren’t very deep. Even if it had been someone who had come around the house, how did they not disturb any of the other thigh-high snow?

Three feet of snow and not deep prints, with them starting out of nowhere .. I wonder if there had been a fall of snow sweeping in that covered the original prints and started filling up the ones you ended up photographing? Was the other snow hardpacked in that area, or shallow, perhaps on a slope? I must admit I don’t know much about snow.

The other explanation might have been a ghost, but they don’t usually disturb the area they move on, unless its deliberate – so I am considering its the natural explanation.

Love & Peace

We had many strange experiences; the footprints were only one of them. A few times we heard a car approach our home (we were the only house on a private driveway). We would hear car doors being closed, but upon looking outside, nothing was there. Once we heard a team of horses galloping up to the house. Of course, there was nothing there that time, either. Once when I was sitting out on my front steps in complete darkness I saw something that was the shape of a bed sheet, and had a very smoke-like appearance. It floated past me then when it got to the end of the house, it turned the corner, as if it had a mind of its own. One night we saw the entire hillside light up as if someone were shining a very bright light over a portion of the trees. We also saw several “UFOs”. We heard something scream a few times that had such a bizarre sound that it would give us chills. I could go on, but I don’t think this is enough of my stories! 🙂

I would never say that was enough of your stories!!! There are many of us here who would love to hear your stories and help you figure out what is going on, so please feel free!! Don’t worry about being “long winded;” there are plenty of us on here that could write a “novel” in one comment!! LOL!!! It sounds fascinating what’s going on, and it could be a ghost of some form, possibly residual, from the sounds of it. so, please continue with more if you so wish; I know, I myself, want to hear all about it, as I am sure others here would, too! 😀

I agree with Luna, we all love to hear people’s stories… we would love to hear more?

Christine, a person just wrote to me on another site about a ‘bed sheet’ type of energy, it was black with light patterns on it. The person also wrote about a smoke entity .. I put them down to elemental beings, we know them as fairies, gnomes, sylphs and undines, but they are not cartoon characters. I’ve had conversations with ones that look remotely humanoid. This planet has far more beings on that than humanity actually realises. 🙂

Love & Peace

I appreciate your kind offering of allowing me to blather as much as I would like! LOL! Seriously, though…I have had strange experiences for as long as I can remember and have been fascinated, yet horrified of the paranormal. One of my earliest experiences was at the elementary school I attended. For some reason, my best friend and I found that if we put our ear to the mirror in the girls’ bathroom, we could hear noises as if someone were directly behind it, or even inside of it, pounding with their fists and clawing with their nails, trying to get out. I suppose I’ll add that it was a very small school and the only thing behind that bathroom wall was the hallway and there were no adjoining classrooms. The sounds could be heard at any time anyone would put their ear there to listen. Any thoughts on that?

Mirrors can be doorways, Christine .. perhaps a ghost decided it could be trapped ‘behind the mirror’, and so trapped itself. Hopefully it has either freed itself, or be freed, since you experienced that.

Also .. sound travels in funny ways .. so what you heard might actually be a natural ‘echo’ from somewhere? I’m not naturally a party-pooper where the paranormal is concerned, I’m just a ‘ask questions first’ person, before jumping to the ‘unseen’. 🙂 But, some things are just so ‘ghostly’ you know what they are.

Love & Peace

Sound traveling might be an explanation…but this was the same sound for years. 🙂 I don’t believe that’s what it was. I always imagined it was something that was within the wall, trying to escape through the mirror.

Hi everyone I just shared with all of them please guide and any suggestion last two days before when I awake up morning little snow outside my home door and I clean snow and some human person footprint is look like man and woman but footprint look like without shoes some one come outside our front door but when I try to clean all footprint not remove I try to clean but is not gone after my son cone back to school he said when morning he leave home he seen outside shoes. Footprint but shoes look like big shoes footprint outside door but after when I awakeup that time no shoes print clean everything because snow come and removed shoes print but when I clean then after come out without shoes footprint I confused what is this and who come night time our door if any person idea and this happen information please