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What Was That Ringing Bell Sound?

A few years ago, every night around the same time, my small child and I would hear a bell tinkling outside the window.

We live in a rural area with no neighbors, and it was incredibly perplexing. It sounded like a little hand bell.

Any ideas what this might have been?

Asked by Renirc

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Sorry, meant to have specified more clearly …

I meant, a cat that may have strayed – no matter how far away your nearest neighbour lived.


No, there’s no way it was a bell from a pet’s collar. I know the sound they make very well, and this sounded like a little dinner bell.

I was thinking that too, AJ, but .. here’s other thought .. sound carries a really long way, particularly at night, and with the wind even blowing a little gently.

I don’t know what the land was like where you lived, Renirc, but on a quite night here near Melbourne (au), we can hear cars on the motorway which is nearly 2 miles away, and other sounds from the town, and we are rural ‘and’ behind a big hill. It’s quite amazing. The other thought would be goats .. they often wear bells too, or the lead one will.

And then there are fairies and ghosts .. but unless the house felt haunted, I don’t think they were likely.

Love & Peace

Well, I appreciate your replies. 🙂 But to me, it was something highly unusual. I live in the woods, more or less. I know sound can travel. But this was so clear it sounded like it was right outside the window. Ah, well. It’s been a few years. I suppose I’ll never know!

Hi Renirc

Another thought – it may have been residual? Something ‘caught in time’ thus replaying an event that happened years ago, but yo were hearing it years later?

Do you know the history of the place?


My wife was outside with our 1 year old minny dashhund,, was about 1030 @ night and she came in the house freakin out ,, about what had happened,, she explained that an invisible force was approaching her and the dog in a weird zig zag motion,whith this weird bell ringing,, dog waz freakin out and barking,,she swooped up the dog and ran inside,,poor dog waz all scared and butt hurt,, tail between his legs and everything,, don’t know what to make of it,, doing some research ,,not much is coming up,, any ideas?

Hi Dan,

What sort of noise was it? Can your wife describe it? Some dogs react adversely to the paranormal, mine never did. He used to pretend he couldn’t see whatever the cats were staring at. LOL

And if the force was invisible, how did she know it was zigzagging? Could she please describe what she ‘could’ see, or sense?

Love & Peace
Ama Nazra

Hi I came here by looking for paranormal bell ringing.I get buzzed by the spirit realm quite a bit but i won’t communicate with them because God says it’s negative. anyway i heard a small bell ringing last night it woke me up we live in the woods and it quiet i don’t scare easy so iwent back to sleep.Then a little bit later it woke me again so i prayed that the Lord Jesus would check it out for me.the ringing stopped right away and i slept like a rock. thanks pete

Hi Pete,

Where does God say its negative? Do you mean the bible, where Saul got the witch of Endor to raise Samuel so that he could get some advice, or Jesus had a chat with Elijah and Moses, both of whom were dead? Saul was sorry for what he was told, but I doubt Jesus was. But I do agree a person shouldn’t communicate with ghosts or spirits unless they really feel they have to.

As to the bell, have you had your ears checked for tinnitus? And sound can travel great distances – so you could be hearing something that happened elsewhere. Or you could simply be clairaudient, and hear strange sounds the way I do. But then I get voices as well, and conversations. 🙂

Love & Peace

I hear a bell ring in my house. It is just one ring, maybe 3 or4 times a day in different parts of my house.My husband thought I was crazy. Then he heard it to.Just moved into a new house and a friend said it’s a spirt. Have you ever heard of this..

My husband and I were in the bedroom and I was getting ready to wrap gifts on Christmas Eve and heard the ringing of what sounded like sleigh bells one time. It was loud and sounded like it was right next to me. My husband heard it to.

Meredith, the same thing happened to my daughter and I a few days ago while in the car. Never heard it before and haven’t heard it since, and there’s nothing in the car to make that sound. It was a pretty sound… Wondering if anything strange happened since you heard the bells.

I have male spirit. I think he name is Greg or Ray. He said he wants to touch me and he touches my eye and takes my hair to touch my face. He will not let me know if he is good or not. Latelimes. I have prayed with a paztor. He just won’t leave. Now he has wha sounds like bells. What is with the bells?

Hi Billie Anne,

Anything that will not let you know if it is good or not, and won’t tell you, or confirm to you, its name, should not be allowed to touch you. I would strongly recommend you scroll down this webpage, find the link to the Michael Invocation and use it to clear your energy.

The sound of bells usually clears negative energy from a location, such as church bells in a town. A tinkling sound, such as small bells make, is usually used to draw attention to something, such as a desk clerk in a hotel. It is certainly an unexpected sound, but I would not pay attention to it .. it should disappear once you have used the Michael Invocation. If it continues, write to me again.

Love & Peace

Hi, happened to me too. At about 12:00 at night heard it. No bells in the house. Help! Scared me to death.

hi well i was fast asleep then i woke up to get myself a drink i got back to bed to get a bit more sleep so its morning around 5 and theirs a bit of light outside,,im about to get sleep my eyes are shut and all of a sudden i hear these bells sounds going of i open my eyes and i could of sworn i seen an intruder outside my balcony im on the bottom floor so i see something move past but quickly realize that its no one i got up to have a proper look and i didn’t know what to think of it,, i though maybe something supernatural so i done some research and i think its got something to do with the person that is hearing it and a specific pray so i just prayed for this happen about half hour ago from the time im posting this on here. its the reason why im on this page right now though ill share my research.

I have a set of 3 bells hanging in our living room. One night I woke and heard one of the bells distinctly ring exactly in 3’s. Did this about 3 Times. The next morning I even checked the bells. It was the middle bell. I’ve seen some unexplainable things in my life and heard sounds I can’t explain. But have never heard bells. The bells were my grandparents. They passed in the early 1970’s. Also believe there is a spirit in our home possibly. But what is up with bell and why in 3 rings. Ding, ding, ding. Short pause. Ding ding ding. Etc.
This was a couple of years ago. Not sure if it’s rung again. I use a fan for white noise to help sleep.
No, no one was up to ring the bell.

over the last 10 years we have have multiple people in our house and friend
s. have heard bell ringings in side our house in always different locations. average bout 2 times a year the friends claim house is haunted ????

It’s 12:42 at night and I just now googled this. Was sound asleep and my three dogs woke up barking like crazy as if someone was in the house! As soon as I woke up I heard bells jingling from within the house somewhere, and I have no bells in my home. The dogs were after something out back where I have a huge yard with woods around me. I truly think this was God wat of protecting us from something or someone! I’m a single mom and live in a 4,000 sq ft house and sometimes I am truly scared! But this has prompted me now get my alarm system activated!

My husband and I hear a bell ringing in our living room and different places in our bedroom. We checked to see if it was an electronic but we haven’t found it. It doesn’t happen at the same time but different times all day and night hours. I have no explanation for it but it doesn’t scare me, it makes me curious. Is it paranormal? I have no idea. It is interesting that it happens to other people as well.

Hey, I looked this up because it happened to me really early this morning. Around 5 am, it honestly freaked me out. This was the only thing that got me because what I heard also sounded like a dinner bell. I have no clue what it was.

I woke up in the middle of the night last night and heard a tiny tinkle of a bell, then a very tiny flash of light on the opposite side of the bedroom. It didn’t scare me at all, but I have no idea what it could have been!