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Glowing Blue Footprints?

When I was a child (4-12 years) I would find glowing blue footprints leading to my bed. My parents could not see them when I called for help, and they would not show up on photographs (when using a disposable camera.)

I am now a 21 year old veteran of the united states army, and the footprints are returning. I have watched them appear on my floor one at a time until they reach my bed.

Does anyone know what they could be?

Asked by Dom

General Questions

What Made These Strange Footprints in the Snow?

Many years ago, my daughter and I were snowed in at our place of employment. More than three feet of snow were on the ground, making it impossible to get home for almost two weeks.

When we finally got back, my daughter went outside to take some photographs (this was before the advent of digital photography) and noticed some large footprints in the snow that started in a certain spot not too far from the house, and went up a small embankment and stopped. None of the rest of the snow in the yard had been disturbed in the slightest.

What could that be? Thank you in advance for any response.

Asked by Christine