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What Kind Of Spirit Did I See?

I’m hoping someone might be able to answer this question that has been bothering me for years. First let me say that I have had 2 Near Death Experiences in this lifetime. But during one of them it was when I had a high fever and was sick with pneumonia at the hospital about 15 years ago. Of course friends and family late dismissed it with the usual “You had to be delusional from the high fever” But it seemed too real to me then and even now as I write this.

Anyway, it seemed at one point I left my body and though during my other NDE I hovered over my body this wasn’t the case on this occasion. I was suddenly in a foggy white room with what I would describe as a very short dark ( I think man). He had black hair that seemed coarse and was sticking straight up in the air and was very unattractive. He almost reminded of those troll dolls they used to sell years ago. It does seem comical as I read this back but anyway, this goofy looking little guy stood next to me and I felt like he was giggling a little when I didn’t look at him but when I looked his way he stopped.

This silliness went on for a few till I looked at him and telepathically he said “Go ahead and go”. I took it to mean leave my body for he then said it 2 more times before it all disappeared. When I became conscious a day later ( in and out I should say) it got even weirder when all of a sudden this little guy becomes visible to me when he started doing cartwheels across the hospital floor and across me as I lay in bed, giggling the whole time. This happened for a few seconds before the little character finally left.

As kooky as this sounds this seemed very real to me and so finally my question is, Has anyone ever heard of this happening to someone before or heard of such a spirit out there in the cosmos? Thank you Thought I’d also mention I have never had another visitation from him again.

Asked by Cindy

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Hello Cindy,

There is a spirit form out there called a ‘trickster’ that can come in all shapes and sizes, and personas. I’ve seen angels (a Michael one was quite memorable), humans, elementals (drow or dark fae) and old gods (Loki, picking one name out of many). Because they are energy beings they can appear as anything they like, or anything they think you will respond to.

Some entities would love to inhabit a human body, taking it over either by suppressing the human spirit, or by the willingness of the human spirit to leave its body and allows something else to slip in instead. Think of the confusion it would cause your family, and the pain .. having lived through the experience of this with my own father. If done willingly it is less traumatic for the body, but never for the family, because its not ‘you’ in there anymore, and if you changed your mind .. the struggle to get your body back might prove impossible.

If you are ever in that situation again don’t agree to anything at all, most particularly not a hitchhiker of any kind. There are entities out there that are not friendly to humans at all.

Love & Peace

Hi Ama
Aha! The name ‘trickster’ certainly fits. I have heard of them in passing through the years but never checked into them further. It always amazes me on how many other spirits, ect there are. I am sorry to hear this happened to your father. I need to read more on all this. Thank you for the information. Take care.

I have experienced weird things in my bedroom at night.I think it is a trickster.
Sometimes it appears as small monkey or dog. Lately it has appeared as a big spider crawling up the wall.
I haven’t mentioned this to too many people, because they might think I’m losing it. I have burnt sage and recited the Michael Invocation, but it won’t go away. I refuse to let it scare me, because I think it is trying to get my attention, so I try to ignor it!

Hi Nancy,

I went through about six months of ‘visiting’ giant spiders, and no I am not suffering from delusions. I used the Michael Invocation to clear the house, and still do happily, and since I know ‘how’ it works, I can to realise that what was happening was that various entities that don’t like me much were showing me my own fears, trying to magnify them to really give me a scare. Didn’t work. Like you, I just decided to ignore them.

Then one day, when I was in a particularly cranky mood (are they around more then?), I told ‘whomever’ they were wasting their time, and thanked them for stopping me being scared of spiders, and really meant it :-). (How does one fear the little tiny ones, when there’s a 14 inch version sitting on the wall out of the corner of your eye? And its not there when you move your head). Within a day they were gone, and have only once reappeared, at which point I laughed and said something ‘oh really, not that old trick???’ in a bored voice.

It did become very boring, so I was telling the truth, and the lack of fear is such positive energy. Counterproductive move on their part, me thinks. LOL

Love & Peace
Ama (still smiling over it).

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