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Looking For Spiritual Answers And Guidance

After a NDE 2 yrs ago I have gifts of predicting disasters within 3-4 days. I’ve become an empath. I know things of family, friends and complete strangers that I wasn’t informed of. I also see spirits and shadow people in my home. Im learning as I experience new things.

Yesterday during a lightening storm, one lightening of many yesterday after a lightening but no thunder, my ears had a sensation like popping because of elevation but no popping just the sensation. I then felt something someting move down my body to my feet. It left my head feeling a bit heavy as well as a heaviness from my toes going half way up my feet. I felt that way for about 45 mins.  I’ve never experienced that ever.

I’ve had an MRI of my brain at  my request to start ruling things out and it was negative. I spoke to my medical and a psych doctor and both said I was fine and thought all my experiences are spiritual. I agree. I have no guidance on this subject and am trying to learn as I go.

1. Do you have any idea what this ear popping sensation with the lightening has to do with?

2. How can I my third eye strong?

Asked by Sylvia

Death and Life

White Ghost White Light Near Death Experience?

As far as a NDE – near death experience – it was my birthday I had turned 19. At that time of my life I was going through a lot of depression from my dad being sick to him not speaking to me and the boyfriend I had at the time hurt me real bad he pretty much lead me on while he was in jail did nothing to come by and see me for my birthday.

I had drank so much that all the pain just became worse. I felt a heavy disappointing hurt sad feeling down on my chest. I remember my brother taking me in my cousins car. I was trying so hard not to cry and to keep that feeling away. I could not take anymore. I began to cry, threw up a few times where I became weak. I was crying laying on the door of the car some how I felt peace like it was ok still feeling the pain of hurt.

I closed my eyes to rest when all of a sudden I saw a white speck of light getting closer and wider at the same time until it came passing through me like I was going through a tunnel, a white tunnel. It didn’t take long after I realized I had died, in my head I died god wanted me home. I kept telling him no I’m not ready not yet please! Over and over until I ssaw a flick of pictures and moments of my life on the left hand side of my view I saw the three most important people of my life my mom, dad and my grama on my moms side. Then underneath them as they faded away I saw a little girl riding a bike. I kept asking my self who she was. As I still kept crying out to him to please let me go that I was not ready all of a sudden everything turned into darkness and I woke up still crying.

For the rest of the night I remember saying to my cousin I’m an Angel I saw it! But she thought I was drunk.

Asked by Drea F

Ghosts And The Spirit World

What Kind Of Spirit Did I See?

I’m hoping someone might be able to answer this question that has been bothering me for years. First let me say that I have had 2 Near Death Experiences in this lifetime. But during one of them it was when I had a high fever and was sick with pneumonia at the hospital about 15 years ago. Of course friends and family late dismissed it with the usual “You had to be delusional from the high fever” But it seemed too real to me then and even now as I write this.

Anyway, it seemed at one point I left my body and though during my other NDE I hovered over my body this wasn’t the case on this occasion. I was suddenly in a foggy white room with what I would describe as a very short dark ( I think man). He had black hair that seemed coarse and was sticking straight up in the air and was very unattractive. He almost reminded of those troll dolls they used to sell years ago. It does seem comical as I read this back but anyway, this goofy looking little guy stood next to me and I felt like he was giggling a little when I didn’t look at him but when I looked his way he stopped.

This silliness went on for a few till I looked at him and telepathically he said “Go ahead and go”. I took it to mean leave my body for he then said it 2 more times before it all disappeared. When I became conscious a day later ( in and out I should say) it got even weirder when all of a sudden this little guy becomes visible to me when he started doing cartwheels across the hospital floor and across me as I lay in bed, giggling the whole time. This happened for a few seconds before the little character finally left.

As kooky as this sounds this seemed very real to me and so finally my question is, Has anyone ever heard of this happening to someone before or heard of such a spirit out there in the cosmos? Thank you Thought I’d also mention I have never had another visitation from him again.

Asked by Cindy