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Something Lurking in My Room

Lately I have been having some issues sleeping. I don’t have disturbing dreams or anything but it feels like I’m being woken at night quite abruptly. Sometimes I have seen a shadow-like figure on the ceiling, other times it has moved across the room and up my wall.

Last night it had escalated to a person sitting on my bed smiling at me. I didn’t recognize the person and I didn’t feel safe with them being there.

This isn’t the first paranormal-like thing to happen to me. When I was 4 my dad recalled hearing me talking in my room and singing Old McDonald Had A Farm but never heard anyone else. He eventually asked me about after he heard me mumbling in another language and I told him that it was his Nan, she died just before I was born. He asked me what she looks like and I apparently described her exactly despite never seeing her or a photo. I don’t remember this story but I have sometimes dreamt of her.

Lately when I’m at home I feel like I’m being watched/not alone. I’d really like to know what on earth is going on and if there is anything I can do?

Asked by Bec

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Hello Bec,

I don’t remember my first confirmed ghost encounter either. My mother tells me I was two when I reached over her shoulder and yelled ‘grandma’ .. her mother. She died eight years before I was born. She was around me until I was 29 and then she crossed into heaven.

That being said .. you don’t have remain haunted. At the bottom of this webpage you’ll find a link to the Michael Invocation. Read the page, say the Invocation first for yourself, and then change it (instructions are there) to clear your home. That will take care of the ghost. Keep a copy around, or bookmark the link, because some people attract ghosts, or they just turn up. I had to clear my house this morning because it felt ‘spooked’. LOL

Love & Peace
Ama Nazra

I think it is a demon that has been absorbed to you. It doesn’t look like to be a dangerous demon but I guess his presence is as the disturbance.

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