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African Spirit?

Hi when I was in my 20’s I seen a black male African spirit and would love to know why? He unlocked a window and was staring at me for some time. I normally would have been scared by seeing this… but something made me go right up to him at the window.

There was no window screen between us both… he was staring into my eyes, he wasn’t blinking and his eyes were white colour no pupils and after staring at each other for some time I noticed he wasn’t breathing. That’s when I felt petrified and ran away from him…

I often think about him and wonder why this happened to me? Any answers for me please? Thank you

Asked by Samantha McCabe

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Hello Samantha,

It’s hard to answer a ‘why’ question when it comes to the paranormal. Right place, right time? An agreement made between two entities before one returned to human life? Or simply a co-incidence, of being there when the man looked out the window.

You don’t say how old you are now, or how long ago this happened. The man’s eyes could have been white because he had cataracts, and he could have been staring at you waiting for you to speak, because he couldn’t see you at all .. or he could have been a ghost trying to frighten you. Were you inside or outside the house? Since he unlocked the window, I would assume he was ‘inside’? Was it your house?

Do you live in Africa? Or one of the many countries that African people now live in? Or he could simply have been a wandering ghost. Do you remember what he was wearing? And yes, ghosts can look like perfectly normal people, until they vanish in front of you .. including breathing.

Have you had other paranormal adventures before or since?

Love & Peace
Ama Nazra

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