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Questions About Dreams, Ghosts, Other Things!

Hello, I want to apologize ahead of time – I have so many questions that I want to ask! I’m going to try and type them in order of importance.. Personal importance, what matters to me most.

I am a young adult, 21 years old, and very curious about the ‘unseen’ world around me. My Grandfather has always told me that he has the ability to see ghosts. I remember one occasion where we were on vacation in another state and he met an elderly man at our camp grounds. He is a friendly person, he introduced himself immediately, shook the mans hand, and asked him who the lovely lady was beside him. Well you can probably guess.. there was no one beside this man that or anyone else could see. The man was confused and my grandfather began to describe the woman he claimed to see. I watched this man’s face turn white, his eyes grow wide, he was shocked. He said that the description fit his wife perfectly, even the clothes she was wearing.

There are other occasions I’ve seen him do things like this. I was always amazed and yet skeptical. Envious as well. I cannot see the things that he does, but I have always wanted to.

Grandpa always told me that I had a special spirit that was following me around. Someone special that was trying to keep me safe. He told me that they watched over me all the time, that it was someone from the other side of my family that had passed away before I was born.

I’ve always wondered who he was talking about. My other grandfather passed away long before I was born, he committed suicide. Could that be him?

Secondly, I’ve never seen or heard any ghosts, but I have had strange experiences. Footsteps upstairs, locked doors opening, the feeling of someone standing in front of me in the dark.. Those were alarming and I count them as negative experiences. My positive ones include a general sense of ‘safety’ that I feel overcoming me sometimes when I’m scared of nervous. Pokes (gentle) in the back when I forget something important, even once when I had accidentally fallen asleep on the floor of my bedroom. It was freezing cold that night and I probably would have gotten sick if not for the gentle touch on my back waking me up to get into bed.

Recently things have changed. I’ve been staying at a close friends house off and on over the past 5 months. They told me at the start that their house was haunted and not to worry about it, the ghosts there were peaceful. I didn’t think much of it at the time. A few months passed without incident.. then one day I see an older women in a flowing light blue shirt pass by the window. I told my friend and he said that others had seen an older women as well. Another few months passed and here we are.

I don’t sleep well at this house. I wake up multiple times throughout the night, try to roll over or get comfortable and immediately fall back asleep. Two nights ago I woke up facing my friend who sleeping on the side of the bed not touching the wall. I open my eyes and there is a man standing beside the bed with a blank look on his face, turned towards the hallway. (So basically he’s standing on the west side, staring south.) He wasn’t moving, his arms were casual at his side. I blinked a few times and he was still there. I rolled over, dismissed it, and went back to sleep.

I feel safe in that house, it feels like home, I’ve never been scared to be there, not even after either of these experiences. I’m only wondering why have I started seeing these things now? What’s the purpose?

The house I’m talking about is old, it was built by Irish settlers in the 1840s. My friends family purchased it some time in the mid 1900’s and his grandfather added a new section, electricity, running water, and indoor plumbing. His grandfather has since passed away but I’m certain that wasn’t the man I saw by the bed. Thinking about it now.. It might have been my grandfather who killed himself.. The resemblance is there.

I have more questions but I feel as though this is already long enough. I’ll ask more at a later time.

Thank you so much for any information you can provide!

Asked by Shelby