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Why Do I Feel Drawn To A House?

In August of 2008, I participated in a paranormal investigation at Graystone Manor in Perry, Fl. I had some experiences while there.

Ever since then, I’ve dreamed about the house. Never anything negative, just talking to the spirits of at least four of the children who died there in a fire. However, for the past year or so I’ve been drawn to the house. I dream of it almost every night. I find myself driving the 60 or so miles just to sit and look at the house.

Graystone Manor Perry, Florida

I also pull up the house on google earth and stare at it for hours. Again, I never get any negative vibes. Just the feeling that I need to be there for some reason.

Any thoughts?

Asked by Allen

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Hi Allen,

I can think of two possibilities ..

1) you took a ghost home with you and it wants to return to the house ..
2) you used to live there in a previous life. Does it feel like ‘home’ to you?

Can you visit the house again? You don’t have to go inside, just into the garden with the intention to drop off your passenger, if there is one. Then sit somewhere quietly and ‘imagine’ yourself into the scene .. might be very interesting.

And then there’s a third .. you are obsessed by ghost hunting and can’t wait to do it again? I have a favourite house too. I don’t go there very often, but when I thinking of fun hauntings that one always comes to mind. 🙂

Love & Peace

Well the house was built in 1904 so there is a lot of history there and I would be up to agree with the lady above me either you were once a part of that house or you love this type of thing and it was your favorite spot. I do not know how ghosts work to much but if one tagged along then I would suggest that it knew you from the past and because you may have a connection with this place then it was just as drawn to you as you are to it. It is natural to feel drawn to a certain place though we may not be able to place the reasonings behind it.I would do as Ama has suggested