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What Does My Dream Of having My Long Hair Cut Mean?

I’m a man of 24 year old and I have dreadlocks. I had a dream that they were cut off. Does that mean anything? Am I going to lose something?

Asked by cbue

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Hi cbue!

My answer to ur question wud be- “google it” hehehe, seriously, they have an answer to everything and i frequently dream of falling tooth and snakes and i googled it! and dreams dont always need to be about supernatural stuffs, it could be ‘logical’ too u know, our brains work in weird ways esp in unconsciousness.
Hope u find the right answer anyways 🙂

Hi Cbue,

In my dream book Hair “symbolizes thoughts”. Dreadlocks “indicates intellectual analyzation. The “quality” and accuracy of that analyzation depends on the condition of the locks”. Getting a hair cut “illustrates the act of severing something”.

My next question would be ‘what does your hair represent to you’? Do you have dreadlocks, clean, well looked after, just for fun, or were they created as an act of defiance, or even laziness .. and not well looked after? The dream itself, in my opinion, means that a change is coming in your attitude to life, or how you represent yourself in the world, and to the people around you. It might be an excellent change, it might not, depending on the choices you make. The last question would be ‘what else happened in that dream’, that either caused the haircut, or after it?

Love & Peace

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