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What Was It That Jumped on The Car?

Okay, this happened to me and my family but I don’t really remember what really happened. We were living in Los Angeles at the time, and my aunt had come to pick us up. Again, this happened when I was like 6 or 7, but I was asleep in during the car ride. When I got a bit older, my mom and my other brother told me that during the car ride, we came to a stop. When all of a sudden, there was a loud bang on the car. It was dark, but my mom and aunt screamed because they all said they saw the same thing.

My aunt described it as a monkey that had horns. She is very forgetful now and doesn’t really remember much, but even my mom described it as that and so did my brother! They said it jumped down from a tree and then just jumped off. My aunt and mom were so scared, but didn’t know what to do. I don’t understood how my little brother remembers as well if they claimed he was asleep too.

Well that’s my story, I would love to know if anyone has ever experienced anything like this before, sorry if it was short. Thanks for reading.

Asked by Kitty E. Chaos

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Hi Kitty,

How big were the horns? An animal that jumps down onto the car, frightening the passengers, in the dark, might not be clearly seen and ‘appear’ to have horns, but in the shadows it could have been something else on its head. Or .. it could have had horns. You don’t say how old you are now.

Your younger brother might have woken up when it happened, or he might just ‘think’ he remembers seeing the animal, because everyone was talking about it at the time. We can do that, take on someone else’s memory as one of our own unintentionally.

You also don’t say which country you are in, but animals have escaped from circuses and private zoos for decades, and still provide fodder for ‘urban myths’. Have you tried looking up this animal on the internet .. there might be a whole family in the region you were driving through that other people have seen too.

Love & Peace

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