Is It Possible For An Angel To Write A Message On A Napkin?

A napkin of mine was written on with a fine black ink pen with this message: “Nahhh. Yea. u won’t believee! Keep Believing!”

My boyfriend passed away and then shortly after dimes were appearing everywhere, I’ve experienced power surges at interesting times and a door at my work was pushed open half way by nothing. I was in doubt of the first signs, thinking it was just a weird coincidence, then this napkin shows up on my kitchen table. I’ve asked EVERYONE in my life that was in my home in the last month if they wrote the mystery note, but NO ONE has claimed to have written it. The handwriting is a little old fashioned, and the very strange part is in the word “believeee” At first I thought that the letter e was added twice at the end of the word, but when I looked very closely and examined the word there is actually a code in the last 5 letters of the word, which reads ovtto. Some of the e’s were slightly written differently so that they would resemble either an “o” or a “t”. The e before the “v” if you examine it more closely could be an “O” because of the way the loop swoops up very close to the top of the letter barely connecting to make a cursive O. The “v” is written very narrow and small as if it doesn’t wish to get in the way, and the “i” is dotted with a circle to bring attention to the e that looks like an o. The two letters that look like scribbly e’s can’t be made out look like the letter t and the last letter looks very much like another o.

I know this is crazy, but my boyfriend’s name is Otto, so it seems as if his name was included in this message to let me know it was from him or about him. He wants me to “keep believing” that he’s around and not doubt it? I keep this napkin note in a plastic baggie and show it to others who do see what I see in the word “believeee” I even asked a friend when pointing to the letters what they looked like to them before telling them what I was thinking and they would say “that is an o, and the letter after v is a t, and the last letter looks like an o.” So, it isn’t just me that sees his name!

Is it possible that an angel came down to comfort me with this message? The handwriting is not Otto’s.

Asked by Maria

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Hi Maria,

How long ago did this happen? It’s more likely that the note is from your boyfriend than an angel. There’s no reason for them to write it, but he had plenty .. including doing things like making lights flicker etc.

And then again, it could just be another ghost, someone long dead – because it takes a lot of energy to apport things (make them appear) and move doors, who was taking advantange of your grief, to get your to focus on your boyfriend, before moving on.

Have the strange happenings in your house continued since the day you found the napkin?

Love & Peace


This has NEVER happened to me in my life. I know we have guardian angels that are with us our whole lives, so I’m suspecting they are trying to console me. This note appeared after the other signs. I’ve had the napkin in a plastic baggie to protect it, because it has given me comfort. Has this every happened to you or anyone else you know?

As a Christian I know that souls depart to heaven or hell when they leave their bodies, and they don’t look back once they are in God’s prescence. I can’t imagine Otto sticking around to watch me. I do believe that God will answer my prayers and give me signs to bring peace to my sad soul. I made an appointment with a Psychic but I was given advice from friends to not consult with her, because I may be deceived by dark spirits charading as my loved ones. The Bible is clear on how God feels about Mediums and Psychics and the like. I don’t need demons latching onto to me and bringing me more trouble. I need to be satisfied with what God has shown me to bring me peace and now try to be content and go on with my life. I do feel better now, but I will always miss Otto.

Thanks for your reply.


Being me, Maria, I would be more consoled knowing that my family is leaving me messages, than the angels, whose job it is to watch over my spirit but not interfere in my life. This is not to say that you shouldn’t continue to ‘believe’ the way you do, but realistically, as I said, its more likely to be Otto talking to you, and wanting you to heal, because he has a more personal relationship with you. You see, the bible doesn’t teach that people have guardian angels, though they do.

Aports .. which is what your napkins is called .. happen to lots of people all over the world, and are always totally amazing, particularly when it turns out to be something that the person grieving, or being haunted, can recognise as belonging specifically to someone that they love who has died.

According to the Christian bible, no Christian who is dead, at the moment, is in God’s presence. They are all awaiting the second coming of Jesus, so of course they look back at their family and friends, with a great deal of love for the most part, but some of them look back in grief and fear, and its those that people like me, who can communicate with the dead, reach out to to try and help.

The bible does not say anything about mediums and psychics .. I’m a theologian btw, it says do not consult with ‘soothsayers’. Now, the problem there is that the original meaning of the word soothsayer is ‘speaker of truth’, so why is the bible telling Christians not to speak to ‘speakers of truth’, but its ok to get a ‘Word’ of wisdom, or advice, from a Christian prophet? And not many psychics have demons anywhere around them, some do .. but so do many of the people in churches, particularly churches where the believers are very focused, and frightened, of demons. The fear draws the demons to them. Many psychics I know are so loving and giving, that demons do not want to hang around very positive energy.

You must always follow your heart, and trust your instincts, but don’t close your eyes to the possibility that a message from someone you loved who has died is right there in front of you .. just like your napkin. Angels generally don’t leave messages that way.

Love & Peace

The handwriting would be different than the way he wrote in his body, right? Why is it that when people have NDE they tell about a wonderful, bright light that consumes them with love and peace? Some have even met Jesus or God, and are totally transformed by the experience. They describle an awesome place with amazing colors and angels singing and golden streets, pearly gates & so on. Doesn’t that mean that Heaven is there & souls are abiding there? SOme people meet their deceased loved ones there who are so happy they made it. Some people have gone to hell and are now true believers. If you, Ama, can speak to the dead how do you know for certain that the voices you hear are not from dark spirits charading as angels of light, or our loved ones? Demons know everything about us, so they can easily deceive us. Anyway, I wish with all my heart that I could see Otto or hear his voice one more time and know for sure his is still with me and knows my heart. I was so cold and distant the last week of his life. We had a very difficult relationship because he struggled with alcoholism. He couldn’t stop drinking and I would be at my wits end. He quit drinking Vodka, Thank God, but he felt he had a handle on beer and red wine.

Ama, do you give Readings on line or on the phone? How could you do that without being in the same room? Would a spirit appear to you or give you a message for the person? I just can’t rely on those messages, because either the soul is busy in heaven and doesn’t want to be disturbed or they can’t come back to warn us about hell without God’s permission. There is a great chasm that can’t be crossed, so how do they speak to us? Believe me, I want the napkin to be from Otto, but why was it so vague? Why couldn’t it be more personal, so there wouldn’t be any doubt it was from him?


Hello Maria,

His handwriting, if it was him, should be similar .. but have you ever tried writing on a napkin .. I don’t know of anyone’s that would look the same as they usually write on plain, non-absorbent paper.

Part of what I was taught was how to ‘test’ the dead, and other entities. I’m also a demonologist, which means I know far too much about a subject no one should ever need to learn about. I have been training all my life for this role, including studying Theology at university, and I am still studying it even today. I was taught how to distinguish one entity from another, and, simply put, if you had ever met a demon you would know it was not an angelic form of being .. though it might look perfectly beautiful, its core is twisted and that shows perfectly clearly.

I notice you are not sticking to bible teachings with your descriptions of what people experience in NDE’s. They should not experience any of those things if the bible is ‘truth’ and should be taken literally .. I don’t believe that, because my research, and my own life experiences, have taught me otherwise. Yes, people see everything you described, and much more; I have memories of that myself .. so why did you write that Otto would not be looking back at you, but only be focused on Jesus, if you believe otherwise? The bible teaches that Christians are awaiting heaven, and all that people with NDE’s experience are said to be their vivid imaginations, or hallucinations.

And the dead very seldom speak of heaven. Ghosts, who are lost souls, have never been there; and spirits, who are people who have died and crossed over into heaven, come back very seldom, usually only in times of great need, to give reassurance that they are still ‘alive and well’ in heaven. They don’t offer reams of information about what they are experiencing .. we get more from people who have NDE’s.

Demons do NOT know everything about us. They really know only what they have observed over time, because they practise a form of patience that allows them to learn to manipulate the people they harassed. They do not know the future, though they might be good at anticipating what ‘might’ happen, just as you and I can. They are cunning and deceitful and should not be harassing the living, but they do ..

There is no chasm between here and heaven, Maria. God is right here in the room with us, and right here in the cells of our bodies. We are created by God, and of God energy .. so how can there be any distance? That is a teaching that is a load of nonsense. Separation is an illusion that allows us to have our own individuality, something that doesn’t exist when we return to heaven after we die. We return to our spiritual families, and all the love and healing that awaits each one of us. We find friends and family, acquaintances and people we might have only met once, who had a big impact on our lives, and we find among those friends the people we think are enemies now .. they also have a huge role in teaching us about love.

As to how I do readings across the world, into the future, and into the past .. time is also an illusion that allows humanity to have its linear existence .. we appear to move forward in time, but it is really a spiral of sorts, touching all moments at once, but our spirit remembers who we were when we were first created, and who we will be through our choices, tomorrow. Nothing is ever lost or forgotten, and God knows it all for each of us.

I do not deal with spirits much, those who have crossed over, I deal with the lost and troubled, those haunting people that they loved or hated. I ‘rescue’ them from the emotional traps they wrap around themselves, and make sure they cross into heaven to find the healing they need. Sometimes I get messages, mostly I just get a lot of negative emotions and memories to rapidly sort through, until we can bring the lost soul to a place of peace .. and then they return to heaven.

God gave us all permission to live our lives any way we wanted to when he first created us and told ‘Adam’ not to pick the fruit from the tree. If a spirit wants to come and visit you, it can, but .. it cannot interfere in your free will, nor tell you what to do, nor make you do anything – even ‘believe’. A ghost, on the other hand, having not crossed over into heaven, might try all of those things, to remind itself that it is still ‘real’, although it is living an unnatural existence, caught between heaven and earth.

Spirit do not come to warn people about hell because hell is where demons live, not humans, and humans do not go there. They might create a ‘reality’, a bubble of energy around themselves that looks hellish, but their energy is not compatible with the hell dimensions, so they exist only in the void .. which is a waiting place, of sorts, between heaven and earth.

The napkin is not vague. If it is from Otto, which I really think is unlikely, then he should have been more clear. The word “yea” means ‘you’ .. so the message reads ‘Naa ..’ we presume that means No ‘you won’t believe, keep believing. But believe in what? Sounds more like a ghost wrote it .. perhaps Otto is a lost soul, given that he was alcoholic when he died .. in that case asking his angels to ‘find’ him and take him into healing might be the nicest thing you can do for him today.

Wishing you a good day,
Love & Peace


Would you be able to tell me what Otto or whomever has been doing to get my attention? I’ve experienced a few strange things that could be signs from God or Otto, so I suppose the napkin is a big clue that those supposed signs are real. The one who wrote this note seems frustrated…”u won’t Believeee! Keep believing! Why is the word “believeee” capitalized but not the word “believing”? Why was “u” used instead of “you”? Can you figure out why the apporting wasn’t more clear and written with correct English? Yea should be Yeah…this is why at first I thought one of my daughter’s friends wrote this. The name Otto is hidden, probably so it isn’t so obvious, because that would scare everyone. I figured it out, so it’s like a game to whoever, whatever left this note. Can you please help?



Hi Maria,

What is it that Otto wanted you to believe in? Obviously, to him, the message was very imporant .. if it was Otto who wrote it, which I doubt .. if you can’t answer immediately, it might simply be that another ghost has taken advantage of your emotions to invade your space and start to confuse you. What you can do for yourself is to say something like “Archangel Michael, please FIND the ghost who is haunting me, which might be my friend Otto (with his last name) and TAKE him into healing”. That gives our angels permission to act, to reach out and touch the ghost, and scoot it out of your energy and into heaven. Best place for them.

You wrote: Why is the word “believeee” capitalized but not the word “believing”?

Perhaps the capital is because its a demand and not a request?

You wrote: Why was “u” used instead of “you”?

People ‘text’ to each other these days .. or it could be sheer laziness on the part of the ghost, or it could be that the ghost can’t spell?

You wrote: Can you figure out why the apporting wasn’t more clear and written with correct English?

How good was Otto’s english? Could be a ghost that can’t spell.

You wrote: Yea should be Yeah…

As I said earlier, it could be ‘yea’ which means ‘you’.

You wrote: this is why at first I thought one of my daughter’s friends wrote this.

I would wonder that too.

You wrote: The name Otto is hidden, probably so it isn’t so obvious, because that would scare everyone.

It could also be that you are choosing to see the lettering there. Do you have a photo of the napkin? If you wanted to you could post it to the site, or email it to me privately. You’ll find an email link on my webpages which are also listed at the bottom of the page here.

You wrote: I figured it out, so it’s like a game to whoever, whatever left this note. Can you please help?

I think its a game too, but we don’t know all the players, or what their motives are .. so its better not to play.

Love & Peace
Ama Nazra


I just have one more question about the issue of ghosts being lost souls who are haunting their loved ones or enemies and have to find healing. According to the Bible and the NDE of those I’ve heard, it is inconsistent, meaning that souls are automatically drawn into the light unvoluntarily or they fall into Hell. This is why I suspect that these entities that are haunting us are dark spirits who wish to lead us into sin and separation from God. YES, I do agree that God is with us, in us and around us, but not human souls. If the Bible is correct then Christians are sleeping awaiting Jesus’ return. Do you believe that those who have experienced Heaven and Hell are hallucianting? They claim that there experience is more real than anything they’ve experienced on earth. They return transformed and beleiving totally in Jesus and God. Perhaps God wanted them to experience what they did to help them and bring back a message to all of us. God is giving us hope in a better place that is available to thoes who serve Him and follow Jesus.

Do you live in Colorado? I want to know for sure what is going on here. Too many strange things are happening to me. Otto could spell, but when he emailed me he wouldn’t use good punctuation and sometimes did use “u” for “you” How does “yea” mean “you”? In what language? I feel that the spirit who left this note wants me to believe in the signs that have been given.

Is there anyway you can help by sensing what spirit is responsible for all of this? I don’t have a camera right now, so I am unable to send the photo. Do you think I should go to someone with it, so they may figure out the mystery?

Hello again,

Ghosts don’t often haunt their enemies. They ‘haunt’ people with the same sort of fears, beliefs and addictions that they had when they were alive. They do this because its easier to feed from energy that is compatible to their own .. and they often encourage people in these feelings and addictions, because it makes the ghost feel ‘alive’. Not a nice thing to do.

Yes, souls are automatically drawn to the Light, but that doesn’t mean they’ll actually choose to go into it, and it is a choice they have to make. If a person dies in shock, pain, anger or fear, they might not even see the Light at all, but only the dark place inside their own hearts, and so fall into a bubble of energy that will look like what they most fear .. which in the case of some Christians is ‘hell’. The angels have to interfere in that belief system to drag them out again .. but they can’t – because angels are not allowed to interfere in human free will, and so they get in contact with people like me and ask us to help ‘save’ the soul (spirit) of the person. It is us that then gives them permission to break the bubble and remind people that God loves us all so very much .. and then we draw them into heaven. I’ve been doing this work for a very long time, and have ‘seen’ so many amazing ‘rescues’ of this kind, working with the Michael angels, who are the soldiers of God.

The bible is not correct, otherwise it would have so many contradictions in it. One of the reasons I became a theologian was to try and understand how that could have happen if ‘God’ wrote the bible. But God didn’t, men and women did, and we all have our beliefs, opinions, attitudes and fears, and they are reflected in what we write – or collate – or decide what is ‘suitable’ for ‘good’ Christians to read etc. Frustrating but true. Bible history, its creation, is fascinating.

The only sleeping ghosts/spirits I have met are those that have just died who spend 72 hours in transition from one state of being (alive) to the other (a spirit). They sleep, mainly, I think, to give them time to accept their new reality. They are also easier to manage when asleep, if they arrive at your house in an emotionally distraught, terrified, furiously angry, or just plain nasty .. that sort of energy is exhausting for everyone. Sleep is good.

Yes, NDE’s and visions can feel more ‘real’ that the reality we live in every day. I have had visions all my life, and I remember being dead, although I have not yet died in this lifetime. I have always had the memories, ever since I was a very young child. Heaven is incredible, and not what people expect. It is what we create it to be, individual for each of us. So no, the people are not hallucinating, they are just seeing a reality they believe in.

I also know of a number of NDE’s who saw nothing at all, and stopped believing in God and Jesus because of it .. so perhaps the NDE experience was one of the life lessons that they chose to learn from.

I live in Western Victoria Australia.

Yea is ‘olde english’, the other spelling of it being ‘ye’.

I could check your house out, if you wanted to email me the address privately, but perhaps it would help you more to take the napkin to a medium and ask them to connect to the spirit/ghost who created it and see if you get a message that way. Pick someone reliable, a face you can trust. I always recommend that people shake the hand of anyone going to do a reading for them, because you’ll either like their energy, or not. If you don’t, walk away.

Wishing you a good day, in my early afternoon,
Love & Peace

Hello Marie,

Oh yes, he definitely loves you and will continue to love you, but that does not mean that he wants you to put your life on hold for him. Instead he will want you to be completely happy, the way a spirit in heaven is completely happy, and getting on with their lives there.

Love & Peace

Where or how did you learn of all of this? I’ve never read or heard about bursting the bubble and releasing them into Heaven. You recall being dead before you were born? What are your visions like?

OK, then, if “yea” means “you”, then why would the spirit, just write Nahhh. Yea. u won’t Believeee! Keep beleiving! Confusing.

Hello Maria,

It’s really hard to write a brief history of me. 🙂 There’s a link to my webpages at the bottom of this page.

Where and how .. where do I start? I’ve been in training since I was about 5, through life experiences with the paranormal of all sorts. I was born with memories that scared the heck out of my parents .. past life memories, between lives memories, and ‘knew’ things about people, which I artlessly was happy to tell anyone (tactlessly, says my mother :-)). I spoke 3 languages – once I started speaking – French, English and one we ended up thinking is probably Phoenician. I still understand French, can’t speak it .. but can generally answer questions said to me in French. I am 50 now.

When I was 17 I walked with Jesus in a vision. We had a good chat. When I was 27 I met my guardian angel briefly. When I was 35, 11 of his ‘brothers’ (Michael angels) came to visit, to remind me that I had agreed to work with them ‘in this lifetime’, as I have done in many others .. and so began this part of my adventure. In that moment, everything I had experienced, good and bad, everything I had learned, all made perfect sense. It was a breathtaking ‘aha!!!!’ moment. I began to ‘learn’ anew, in my sleep, while awake, through living people, through spirits, angels, elementals (fairies), meeting and experiencing so much. And then there were the various books I bought .. I have hundreds on the paranormal, healing, symbols and many other subjects, and Christianity. I knew I would be a theologian and a demonologist (that’s the bit that scared my parents .. I told them when I was 5 and didn’t even know what the word meant) as a very young child. I talked to God, and got answers. I still do, only God works through the Michael angels, and everyone has a Michael as a guardian .. its what they do.

I’ve had frightening experiences, funny and fascinating ones. I really love my life .. the unusual is ‘usual’ in my house. My mother and my husband are both sensitives, so when odd stuff happens .. they usually notice too. Nice to have confirmation.

What are the visions like .. because I still have them from time to time .. I watched Jesus be crucified while sitting in a church in England at evensong .. with the singing in the background. It was like being at the movies, in living colour, right before my eyes .. as I looked up at a stained glass window .. was it Wells cathedral? Or Salisbury .. so many years ago now. (I actually live in Australia and was just visiting). And yet I am a very tough judge of the Christian Bible .. which is why I went to university to study theology .. so that I could have the techniques and a little of the understanding, to be able to dissect the book. Some people have a calling .. my brother is a mechanic .. I’m a bible critic, with a profound sense of love and faith in God and Jesus Christ. And I’ve had many other visions since, some as if a film strip is playing in my mind, others right before my eyes .. but I know I am still in the ‘real’ world, because I can also ‘see’ the world around me as they happen. I am clairvoyant (clear vision), clairaudient (hear things), clairsentient (sense or know things), and a medium who rescues lost souls. I would be called a ‘prophet’ in churches.

What I really love to do is answer questions about God and the paranormal, since they are so intertwined. I have been doing this work on the internet about 17 years .. and in the real world, here in Australia, since I was 17 .. 33 years now .. almost 34.

As to yea and nahh .. well, “no, yes”, sounds as if the ghost is in two minds, or thinks you are. Yea is olde english, as I said .. my first thought was that some old ghost had seen your pain and wanted to help you find peace again. They also need energy to survive on, but what they need more is heaven’s healing .. which is why I suggested you ask your guardian angel to find the ghost and take it into healing. If it is Otto, once he’s had time in healing, he might come back to visit, in your dreams .. if its not .. then the ghost should not be hanging around you. Everyone plays games, both the living and the lost, if it gets us what we want. Spirits, on the other hand, never do us any harm.

Love & Peace


You are so nice to answer my questions in such length with great depth. I’m glad you believe in Jesus and that you’ve walked with Him. You are so LUCKY!! What did you talk about? Please, tell me what you recall of your time in Heaven. I wish you could sense who is doing this to me. I want it to be my angel or Otto, if possible. Why do you doubt now that Otto left the note? This is the wildest thing that has every happeened to me. I used to say that I won’t believe this paranormal stuff until I experience it for sure myself. I think I have now. If I send you a photo of Otto & I could you, perhaps, tell me what is going on with him?

God bless you!


Hello Maria,

We talked about why I shouldn’t kill myself, because I wanted to that night, and that might life would always be a challenge, but that I should stick around for the fun. I’m glad I did.

Time in heaven .. heaven is whatever we need it to be, or want it to be, and it can be different for every person, or the same for every group. We are not the people we think we are, we are a collective consciousness .. which is, in a sense, a group of minds gathered in one perfect thought, and that thought resonates to Love, which is hte creators energy. So me describing heaven to you might not be anything like what you will see, or have seen .. just know that it is a place of peace and warmth, of love and comfort, of rest and relaxation .. but because the human spirit was created to learn and grow .. you can get bored and want to ‘do it all again’ (have another physical lifetime).

I know you want the napkin to be from an angel or Otto, but its very unlikely. Just accept the message and move on from it. The angels would have been more specific, in my opinion, and Otto .. has enough to do with seeking healing, for the alcoholism alone. He might have stopped for a moment to tell you to keep believing .. trouble is he didn’t say in what you should believe. It could be anything. It could be keeping believing in him .. many lost souls ask that of us, or it could simply be for you to start believing in the paranormal, or the unseen, or simply God.

If you want to read a story of the type of work I have done, scroll to the end of this page and click on the link to “Annalise – A true story”. She was undeserving of her fate, and her fear and pain bound her to the earth, for over 100 years, until she found me and a couple of friends, when we were have a ‘ghost tour’ at an old assylum. It was an interesting adventure.

If Otto is a lost soul I should be able to connect to his energy, and I will cross him over. If he’s a spirit, having crossed himself, or if you asked for help for him, then I’ll know he’s ok, and ‘might’ get messages, but its less likely. It would be fun to be like some of the great mediums of the world, but my work is to help the lost, not just pass on messages. You can email me the photo through the links on my site. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click on Sacred Gates and go from there.

Wishing you a lovely day. I am very cold tonight.
Love & Peace

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