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Waking Up At 3:18 AM

Hi. I’ve got some questions for you. Usually I wake up at 3.18 am and hear things and only at that time. I live in a house, in 1st floor, but the flat below us is empty for more than 10 years. If I woke up, I hear that someone came in, at the front door or that someone just walked in the apartment below.

But a few days ago something ever more strange happened. I woke up 3.18 am again and heard 3 knocks right above my bed, on the ceiling. The next day I couldn’t sleep so I was already awake. And again on 3.18am, my computer starts. But the thing is that computer was turned off.

So, can you tell if anything is happening and if 3 knocks have some meaning or not? Is something in my house or I just overreact?

Asked by Daniela

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Hi Daniela,

Do you think the ghostly footsteps are the reason why the flat below you has been empty all this time? Have you ever called the police when you hear the footsteps and have them check the place, or ask the owner who might be visiting, because it could be a living person squatting there.

Being me, I would clear the energy of the whole building. That should take care of all the problems in one hit, if you are being haunted. At the bottom of this webpage is a link through to the Michael Invocation .. follow that, use it, and the problem should be solved.

As to the knocking – this type of event appears to be happening more and more frequently, doesn’t seem to have any other paranormal actions connected with it, so trying to work out what it means through similarities is not working .. so I would go back to a ghost trying to get your attention, or your energy by scaring you .. always a good reason for crossing them over.

Love & Peace

I wake most mornings between 3 and 4. For a few weeks, it was 3:30 or 3:33. For the past few nights it’s been 3:18. I’ve heard that it’s angel guides providing a message. How do I call my mind to receive it!