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My 3 Year Old Cries For Dead Grandpa She’s Never Met

My 3 year old talks and plays with her deceased grandpa she’s never met. She cried for him the other day. I mean real tears and all.

What do I do or say or what questions do I ask a 3 year old? Advice please.

Asked by Jessica

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Hi Jessica,

The first time I saw my grandmother I was two years old and reached over my mother’s shoulder and said ‘Granma’ very loudly .. much to my mother’s surprise. You see, I only had a nanna by that stage .. my grandmother, my mother’s mother, died 8 years before I was born.

But she was there, and still there, keeping me company, watching over me, loving me .. until I was 29 years old, and then she left (went into heaven) .. and it was like she had just died. I mourned for her long and deep.

Your daughter sees her grandfather. Do you know why she cried for him? Could it be that he was saying goodbye after visiting? I know kids who do that normally, with their living grandparents.

I also have a daughter who sees ghosts and spirits, much to either her amusement or her annoyance, depending on what they are up to. She says she’s done this from a tiny child, but I admit to not noticing .. although my son saw his great-grandfather just after Pop died .. he was 6 at the time.

To a three year old I would say “next time you see grandpa tell me”. Or ‘say hi for me’ .. get her to point to where he is. Keep it simple so that the experience isn’t frightening. Our family continues to love us even after they died. The kids know that. It’s only us that get scared of ghosts and spirits.

And if she tells you that grandpa is not coming back anymore .. that’s good too. Spirits are supposed to only visit, not stay forever .. my grandmother was a ghost.

(Spirits have crossed into heaven after they died, ghosts have not.)

Love & Peace

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