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The Semi-skeptic Is Back

So, I asked a question here a while back that was kind of resolved (I Wonder If I Am Going Crazy) I’ve taken to keeping places well lit, even at night, and the mirrors covered (even at my most current residence). I felt almost normal for a little while, and that was that for several months, and now here I am again.

I’ve been staying with my grand-parents for the last couple months to take some space from my house and family, and it’s the break that brought my attention to some things.

I’ve been feeling uncomfortable again (that never really went away- not for more than a week or so at a time). That creepy, almost nauseous feeling, like there’s someone else in the house with me (even when I’m alone)? It’s not so concentrated though. It used to feel more like another person (especially back home), but here and now it’s kind of vague, and goes away when other people are around. Recently, since I’ve been at my grand-parents’, I’ve heard the faint whispering sounds again and for a second last night I thought I heard singing. I’ve also been smelling cigarette smoke, even though no one in the house has ever smoked.

This has been going on since earlier this summer- I first smelled it in my bedroom, even though I’d been living there for more than half a year and hadn’t smelled smoke like that before. It happened more around the house (just a few times, I think), and now it’s happened at my grand-parents’. I only recently began to really think about it, and figured that maybe it could just be in my head, or it was me in a not-crazy way, or maybe it was my books.

I collect old books (at least 70 years old), and I brought a few of them with me from my home, and have acquired several more since here. I was thinking maybe those are part of why the little peculiarities haven’t stopped (and seem to have followed me 2,000 miles across the country). Just the whole ‘I like weird old things, weird old things must like me’ reasoning. Especially since I may have bought one of said books around the time the smokey scent started.

But I really don’t know, so that’s why I’m asking for outside opinions (again). I guess the question’s really just ‘Why am I experiencing this, why won’t it go away, why did it follow me, and why am I suddenly starting to smell things?’

Asked by M. Warfield

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Hello again M,

I wonder if the last person who owned that old book was a smoker. It’s amazing how the smell gets into everything. My mother is a smoker, and even though she smokes outside, she, her clothes, and anything she touches, including her bedroom, smell of smoke. Then it could be that the last owner is now a ghost, still attached to the book .. so what I recommended the last time (The Michael Invocation, the link to which you’ll find at the bottom of this webpage) will work this time as well.

Why are you being haunted? It could be because, like me, you can help ghosts cross over into heaven. We are called Spirit Rescuers, or rescue mediums, and you could almost say we have a beacon on top of our heads that flashes ‘help here’ or ‘good meal here’ (our energy). There’s nothing negative about this, but it does mean that ghosts will find you, and you’ll just have to keep using the Invocation, complicated or simple form .. they are both on the site .. to clear your energy (and your home) every time you feel haunted. It becomes a habit/normal to ‘sense’ a presence and then clear them, within minutes of each other.

As to covering mirrors .. don’t bother. Just close them. Draw a big cross in front of each one with the Intention that they be closed and remain closed – like a permanently locked door. If you are Christian you can use the Christian cross, but if not, any cross will do. It’s the intention and instruction that is important.

I love your reasoning. Weird things like me too. They’ve always liked me, so my version of normal includes fairies, and taking my husband up onto the top of our little mountain so that we could clear the mount’s energy, and the town .. just last weekend. Thank God he finds my version of ‘weird’ normal too, and it certainly seems to have helped. The mount is the remains of a dormant volcano …

Don’t fret. You are as normal as millions of other people who share your experiences and are now coming out to say ‘we are weird too’ .. its a lovely way to be. BTW, you can find me on facebook in various groups talking about things like this .. just hunt my name. You’ll find you are not alone.

Love & Peace
Ama Nazra