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Visions – What Causes Them?

This question is inspired by Lisa. Thanks, Lisa.

What influences visions?

Are they the direct result of communication with spirit or psychometry or telepathically based?

What is the purpose behind visions?  Are there different kinds of vision?

Is there a difference between daydreaming and visions?

Like Lisa, I get random images in my head so I thought this would be a really interesting topic to discuss.

Asked by A. J. Ryder

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What causes visions? We cause them.

Visions can come in many different forms, they are not daydreams, which we usually control in some way. A vision can literally sweep a person off their feet if they are strong enough, and the person cannot control what s/he is seeing. Daydreams usually happen when we need a distraction from something around us. The daydream might be firmly based in our belief system, while a powerful vision can shatter what we think we ‘know’.

Some visions are of events in the past, some show us things happening today, others are about the future – or possible futures, since nothing is truly fixed in that direction, IMO. Sometimes a vision happens because we are in the right place at the right time, and history repeats itself ‘before our eyes’, or in our minds. Sometimes it is a flash of insight in the form of a picture, or word, or sentence, or numbers, that might answer an unspoken question, and Sometimes it can be a whole short film. 🙂

With past life memories people reach a certain age, where an event from the far past has an impact on what they are learning today, and rather than understanding this subconsciously, as we do most of the time, we actually ‘relive’, in some small way, the particular event, or the emotions related to it. We might find ourselves angry at someone, and suddenly get a glimpse of a lifetime where we were equally angry at that person, but we were playing different roles for each other at the time (even reverse roles). This is to aid in our understanding of the events, so that we can choose a more productive path, perhaps a more forgiving one. We might feel a sense of deja vu?

It is us that become attuned to visions, or that make the choice to be able to receive them, before we come into each human lifetime. It might also happen after a person has an accident and injuries their brain – but, again, was it an genuine accident, or simply going down a path that we had already chosen to follow? Sometimes we might experience a ‘crisis apparition’, when someone we love is in deep trouble, and although we might not be able to help them, they reach out to us anyway (telepathy), and we see what they see. We might never have another vision in our lives.

Clairvoyant people can use ‘visions’ to help with their readings. Gifts like psychometry, which is being able to ‘read’ the energy from an object, can give the reader visions, or they might simply feel the emotions attached to it in some form.

And then there are ghosts and spirits, who try to influence us, our emotions, by showing us something important to them (ghosts) or to us (spirits). These glimpses too can be seen as visions, but the spirits work for our benefit, the ghosts only for their own.

Visions don’t happen ‘just because’, there is always a reason. We might not understand the reason to begin with, but eventually what we see will be explained.

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Ama Nazra

I have always been interested in the paramormal, or just about anything that can’t be easily explained. I am current bothered by a vision of my mother who passed away in 2009. I was sitting at my kitchen table in the morning reading and having coffee. I felt the warm sun on my arm coming through the window and it brought a thought of my mother, and how much I miss her. I heard must have heard a noise and looked up to see my mother walking through my livingroom towards me. My son was then up and walked in the livingroom a few seconds later, walking right through the image of my mother. She just left in a mist. Why would this happen? It was so real, 3D and in color. I wasn’t dreaming. I just don’t know what to think about it and was looking for some input.

Hello Bella,

I can’t tell you how often I saw my grandmother as I was growing up. The two most memorable times where when I was about 10, I suppose, and she appeared in the doorway of the lounge, between the two sliding doors. I was lying on my stomach on the floor colouring in the red nose of a clown. I looked up, she was right there .. I smiled and went back to colouring. The other time was when I was 17 and I was very upset, in bed, and she put her hands either side of my head, very gently, to calm me down .. only she had to be standing IN a wall to do that. She died eight years before I was born, but she was around me until I was 29.

Our family in spirit wants us to know that they are just fine, so sometimes, when we are hurting, and far away in thought, they will seem to appear. They will visit quite often in the beginning, only we are generally too ‘busy’, or too caught up in our emotions, to literally see them, or we block out the vision from our minds. So your mother came for a visit. How did she look? How did you feel when you saw her .. apart from the surprise? How long did she seem to stay for? Don’t worry about your son walking through her, he might not be sensitive to the paranormal, and she wouldn’t have minded. Certainly, it made the experience very memorable for you.

Love & Peace