Shadow People – What Are They?

This is something that has perplexed and fascinated me for some time. I have read a lot about the Shadows but nothing has ever come to light as to exactly what they are.

Anyone any ideas?

Asked by A.J. Ryder

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Hi all,

I think that is a good question also A.J., and I have actually seen these. At first, I thought they were evil and bad, that was many years ago and I have come to know and understand now that I was wrong, just something you didn’t talk about back then. Being at the time the wife of a pastor and living in a glass house I had to be careful not to bring reproach upon our ministry.. wow, how I have grown the wiser since then.. geez lol.. anyways, it brings back to the alien question, could it be them? I can picture in my mind a ticket booth with aliens lined up and a big star covered banner reading “Come one come all and witness the daily activities of the human race” haha, you just never know. Also, the worm holes in space.. sucking dying stars and whatever into it, and me wondering does it pop back out into a different universe and what if we are at the end of some other place and are now sucking into our universe only God knows what.. something to ponder upon for sure.

Thanks A.J. πŸ™‚

I’m with multidimensional beings who only send a small part of themselves into this plane, AJ?

I can’t see them or sense them either. Very frustrating .. particularly when Tom points them out moving about the place. LOL

They are not solid figures, not demons, mostly observe humans, and if they interact, I would be doubting they are true shadow people .. otherwise???????

Love & Peace
Miss Curious too (Ama) πŸ™‚

I am keen on the idea of them possibly being multi-dimensional beings as well. It seems that anyone I’ve known with any clairvoyance can’t see them, but the rest of us see them clearly. I wonder if they are indeed from a totally different astral plane than that of the one’s that Spirits, Angels, lost souls and demons travel, but yet, as you said, Ama, they can send part of themselves into our dimension. It’s interesting to ponder the possibilities. Hopefully more come on to add their own theories!!!

Hello all πŸ™‚

Just now getting to catch up with ya’ll, we had a terrible storm and knocked out our power since yesterday evening up until now, many more are without power, I hope they are alright.
What do you think I see? Im so curious also, Ive seen these for many years on and off, some are very fast and wiz by me at my feet sometimes.

Thank you πŸ™‚


I found this link, (which, apparently, was sent in by CT before TGT was sold!) giving different accounts from different people of their experiences with Shadow People. It’s interesting to read some of the similarities and differences!!! Still doesn’t explain who they are, though… :/ Check it out!

Hi yu guys

[quote]Being at the time the wife of a pastor and living in a glass house I had to be careful not to bring reproach upon our ministry.. wow, how I have grown the wiser since then.. geez lol.. [unquote]

Actually, although most religious folk go round with they eyes closed and ears covered, being in an environment like that is good grounding. It gives you roots from which to grow, spiritually (for those who decide to open their eyes and uncover their ears! – lol!)

[quote]anyways, it brings back to the alien question, could it be them?[unquote]

I’m keeping an open mind. Its the energy thing that puzzles me (going back to the other tread). Why, exactly, don’t they feel like residuals, daemons, ghosts or demons?? The only logical answer as far as I can establish is; they are non of the above.

If they’re non of the above – what are they?

Ama – what kind of feed-back does Tom get from them, if any?

[quote]I can picture in my mind a ticket booth with aliens lined up and a big star covered banner reading β€œCome one come all and witness the daily activities of the human race”[/unquote]

Now – thats an image …. lol!

[quote]Also, the worm holes in space.. sucking dying stars and whatever into it, and me wondering does it pop back out into a different universe and what if we are at the end of some other place and are now sucking into our universe only God knows what.. something to ponder upon for sure.[/unquote]

Worm-holes – now you’re talking. Was watching something on the tv a few weeks back about them. Apparantly there’s an openning to one that the astronomers have been able to identify in our galaxy and can even see. Wierd! I’ll see if I can find something on t’internet to post it here.

Going back to quantum physics (I do that alot – lol!) there is this theory that there is a single point (lets say a single image for arguements sake) at one end of the universe. The image is beamed out across space and, as it does, the image beam splits every time it hits an object. So, by the time it gets to the other end of the universe (lets say, where our galaxy is for arguements sake) the beam has split into an infinate amount of smaller beams. Each beam with its image represents a reality. Imagine then, if we are but one image carried across the universe by one beam of light but there are an infinate amount of beams each being a parallel of our own existence. So, in essence, there would be an infinate number of earths with AJ’s Lisa’s and Ama’s each living out their own lives at the same time. Some of our alternate selves may be very rich – others may be very poor. Some may be happy, others may be living a hellish life. It may well be that the shadows are connected to our alternate selves in some way?? Something rooted more in clairvoyance rather than anything else?? I don’t know – just thinking out-loud really.


Hey AJ,

Tom says – they make the hair on the back of his neck stand up, and he never lets them hang about. He’s like me, if it stands still long enough, and is spooky, it gets sent into healing. We are not sure if they actually go there, but they certainly aren’t in the room when he finishes making the request. πŸ™‚

I guess one day we’ll know what they are, but until then .. its interesting to speculate.

Love & Peace

I have asked, even demanded they leave before, and they do as you request, it’s just that more than likely, they will and do return. I’ve only been startled by them, and the minute I see them, I ask them to leave.

I also have some theories as to who or what they are. Now, mind you, they are only theories and you guys are free to “poke holes” in them as you feel fit. So far, we have put out into discussion, that these beings could possibly be multidimensional, Well, I want to add upon that theory. What if they are “us” from the future? What if, in the future, we have successfully learned to time travel? it would explain why you and AJ can not see them; they are on the same energy frequency as us “living” humans, because quite possibly, they are not dead. Maybe the do not fully manifest and only appear as shadow as to not interfere in the past and create a paradox. Maybe that is why they only observe? Because, if they do interfere with the past, they could change the future and create an alternate reality. Maybe time travel has something to do with energy frequencies? Just my thoughts and theories!!! Feel free to give me your thoughts and theories, and poke holes in mine, if need be!!!! This could turn into a great discussion!!! πŸ˜€

Hey angel, you have very good theories .. but ..

If shadow people are on the same frequency as living people, then AJ and I shouldn’t be able to see you guys either? πŸ™‚ And shadow people do interfere in this reality, because they scare the blazes out of people, and those people then can do things they wouldn’t normally do … like run outside in fear, and maybe get hurt. And personally, I don’t think appearing only as a ‘shadow’ is a form of successful time travel. Then there is the question fo why bother hanging around people who appear to be doing nothing much, like watching tv? What’s so fascinating about watching people sleep .. being here the day we got married .. Tom told me this this morning. There were a lot of them around that day, my friend Meredith, who was staying, also saw them .. and they were creating a vortex over both our beds .. on the ceiling .. that evening? I certainly didn’t sense anything negative around us that whole weekend?

I like AJ’s split beam theory to explain the multiverse – sorry, I didn’t read it all yesterday – but it still doesnt’ explain our shadowy friends. And I do wonder, if I skipped into one of those parallel dimensions and met myself, would we both explode? That’s one theory anyway. LOL

Perhaps the shadow folk are more elemental energy in a one dimensional form .. since they appear as ‘shadows’ on the wall. Perhaps they live in a one dimensional universe? Hmm…

Love & Peace
Ama (who knows nothing :-))

Mmande.everybody I think these creatures or shadowpeople are demon from hell.and I would be very careful entertaining them.I told my grand to just start praying as soon as she see them again.she is a sensitive like me.I have experience so much.and also i have children that are sensitive runs in the family.but getting back to the shadow people.I haven’t heard of them up until now.but I no I wouldn’t want anyone or thing looking at me in the dark while can they hurting?they may have already been looking at me and I just didnt no what to look around soon as u see them or it just start careful ..and be very afraid.spooky.Mm

No, Mmande, they are nothing like demons from hell. Shadow people are one dimensional, which means flat shadows. They travel along walls and ceilings, but they do not interact with living people. They do not harm living people. They do not act in any way that demons do. They appear to be doing their own thing, without noticing the living people who are watching them.

Demons, on the other hand, can pretend to be shadow people, but they react to human actions, interfere in human lives, put thoughts into people’s minds, and influence their emotions. They can look like solid physical shadows too, but then, so can ghosts .. not flat on the wall shapes.

There is no record of true shadow people hurting anyone, only demons or ghosts pretending to be them, that have tried to harm people. And I doubt the praying would have much affect on the shadow people, because I really don’t think they are much connected to this energy plane .. but only as a ‘shadow’ of whatever true form they have in their dimension.

Love & Peace

AJ!! You “Brainiac You!!! LOL!! I love that theory!! Below, I have added upon the theories with my own!!! maybe somehow, both of our theories are connected?! Anything is possible! This is turning into good conversation! πŸ˜€

Hi Luna

Spooky-doo, eh?? Nice theories

Or, what about these …

Could they be our ‘higher selves’?
Or ourselves from the past (which might explain predictions)?
And why turn up when they do? Are these moments of significance in the person’s life who sees them?

Or, ‘human energy’ could well be time-travellers from the future, just dropping in, as you say? But again, why?
Why specific people?
Why most reportings tend to be in America (and yes, I know Ama is in Australia – but I’m talking the largest percentage.)
Why doesn’t there seem to be any reports in the UK (as far as my research has taken me so far, that is.)?

I wonder if Jesus experienced shadow people? If I were a time-traveller, that would be one of the first places I’d visit … that and Mose’s time when the Ark was built. (The whole Moses thing fascinates me!)

Being of the same ‘living’ energy frequency certainly makes sense …. albeit, I can detect the energy of a self-constructed polterguist a mile off, which is different energy from that of an ‘active’ ghost but is still ‘living’ energy. But then, daemon energy of this kind is very negative, but the shadows seem passive – which might be the reason some folk don’t feel them, because its not an emotional energy??

Hmmm … off to have a good think.

Thanks Luna – food for thought!


Hmm.. if they are our higher selves, AJ, then we are all children, and nosey ones at that.

Which predictions?

I haven’t read many australian events either. But then, over the years, I haven’t met many australians on the internet. I’m sure they are there, but we seldom cross paths, even on ghost groups?

And I’m with you on events to visit .. why hang around me, or Tom, who aren’t really doing anything fascinating at the moment. Unless they wait for our dream life .. but since my dream last night was all about packing trailers and moving, but never reaching the house .. over and over again .. I’m not much fun to watch right now. LOL

The ‘lack of emotion’ is a good idea, since I ‘read’ emotion and usually connect to people through it? Hmm..

Love & Peace

[quote]which predictions?[/unquote]

Hi Ama

Any and all …. fortune tellers, prophets, prophetic dreams, etc.


Dunno, Ama! Just bouncing idea’s around – still pondering!!!? But, as Luna say’s their energy is that of ‘living’ then guess its possible??


We are all bouncing around ideas right now, because no one really knows who or what the shadow people are and as I have said, feel free to “poke holes!” I haven’t got the first clue and I am just tossing out ideas. Maybe through all this pondering we can come up with an answer, or maybe we never will, but it is fun to sit and ponder the possibilities! πŸ˜€

hehehe…yes! Quantum physics!
I’ll preface this with: I’ve seen shadow people in dreams (mostly lucid during a false awakening).

1) Worm-holes. As far as I have read, worm-holes are still hypothesis only. What has been observed in our universe, is the almighty black-hole. Worm-holes are still theorized from the standpoint that the Higgs Boson is. Meaning, it’s assumed, based on proven surrounding theories of space-time, electromagnetism and gravity. Aka–There has to be a missing puzzle piece, because my 5000-count jigsaw of a covered bridge in the country, has a hole in it!

However, the part of my mind that dives into any Asimov book I can get my hands on, requires my imagination make allowance that some entity (mental, physical or otherwise) could find negative energy from the Casimir effect (rather, derive from it….and make the alterations to quantum field and gravitational forces so that the two ends of a wormhole wouldn’t collapse, nor repel each other….which is only listing two possible outcomes…still doesn’t address the randomness of the destination.)

–Two scientists walk into a wormhole, but have a miscalculated probability margin, and get shot past the first radioactively decayed particle at the exact same time they turn into vegetable soup AND all became president for the same term……Their phone provider is not going to be forgiving……or even around for millions of years, by the time Earth gets that S.O.S. πŸ™‚

So, let me just jump to my points there based on worm-hole theories: You aren’t just working on the energy output of one black-hole, but of two (at least)….drastically random in probability/mass/energy output/radiation/etc black holes. Anything/anyone possessing the knowledge (and required null-point/exotic energy), wouldn’t need a wormhole to travel. It would have to already “be in our realm” in order to work the exit point of the wormhole. Not discounting any of this…just trying to show that if you posses the needed energy (pretty much zero-point at will) then taking a wormhole might be likened to taking the Metro-link train instead of your faster then light Tachyon jet-car that allows you to arrive at your destination minutes before you actually departed.

2) Quantum mechanics. Quantum Mechanics supports black-holes…it does NOT support worm-hole theories.
QM does, however, suggest and back up the multiverse theories (more then one reality), but also puts significance on what those dimensions are, based on probability. Unfortunately there is a question which needs to be answered first. Do we live in a strictly material (matter-based) world (seems so, but is it completely?), or are we subject to all of these probabilities and dimensions of the quantum universe, from pre-consciousness?
According to Amit Goswami, these “alternate realities” represent other POSSIBLE realities but don’t yet suggest that they are tangible. I like to think they could simply be “thoughtforms”.

In fact, I could be far from the point, but I take this to mean that “alternate realities” could be looked at as “possible outcomes” as opposed to “outcomes that another ME is living concurrently”.

My point is that if an alien being wants to come see me, I’ve, in logic, negated the reasons for using a wormhole or basing travels on any calculated probability of quantum entanglement. Lots of great sci-fi shows where they use “quantum entanglement” to achieve space-time travel….but the reason that is still sci-fi, is because it’s a probability, you never know for sure if your calculations have allowed for all possible scenarios. Even if/when we can, we will still need to be able to produce infinite energy output, just so we have enough to manipulate the quantum field.

That’s task one…task two would be to calculate the resulting superpositions….which changes upon observation. In this case “observation” doesn’t imply “someone looked” but rather any wavefunction was collapsed by an interference pattern (ie. a photon has many states of being…until hit by another photon to find it’s relative position…resulting in a collapse to one defined ‘state’….or dimension/path/existance). What physicists can’t agree on, is whether, for realities sake, this is a conscious move or not. Do particles “decide” their state/rotation/spin/etc…? Or are they “decided” for the particles? Or is choice a huge misnomer?

My biggest problem with quantum mechanics is that it doesn’t translate very well to our perceived notion of reality. That’s why, along with Amit, I often recommend David Bohm (Fragmentation vs wholeness/implicate vs. explicate order –reality is a hologram).

Quantum theories explain tons….but don’t yet explain where the quantum world begins, and our perception (consciously, subconsciously, unconsciously or superconsciously) takes over. It could mean that any being with the answers to all of these questions, could probably take a trip to our consciousness, INSTEAD of taking a worm hole or using some crafty quantum tunnelling to arrive, three-dimensionally in our galaxy, at an exact place and time.
Plus it knocks out another concern. If you travel to my consciousness….nobody will ever believe that “aliens visited me”. So it would be safer travel all around. πŸ™‚

Perhaps I’ve simply proven you should never research quantum mechanics while reading the apocryphon of John and the Tao Te Ching (seriously…an absurd number of similarities from a high-level!).

Siddle, you should write movie scripts .. or did you already .. sounds like a scene from Hitchhiker’s guide to the galaxy (plus the jetsons) .. the vegie soup ends up as president, etc? LOL (hehehe…yes! Quantum physics!)

I thought that blackholes only draw matter in? Do they also pump out energy .. and since we haven’t found the end of a blackhole, or a wormhole .. we have no idea what it actually does .. or even if they connect to this universe at all? That’s not a ride I would want to take .. but then I’ve never wanted to go into outer space. πŸ™‚

Thank you. It took five close readings, but I think I’ve understood what you wrote .. and can see how the theory of ‘travel’ even into our conscious minds, rather than in the sense of ‘literally into our space/energy’ can make sense, and might make sense, for the shadow people. I know I once read a book where people lay down in a machine, and their conscious self/mind went back into the past, where they viewed everything as if behind a sheet of glass .. I don’t know the author now, but I read Asimov along the way, and a variety of other science fiction, when I was in my 20’s. I think, in the story, the people they viewed could not see them .. but .. not sure now. Perhaps some of us can ‘see’ them afterall?

Love & Peace

Hey Ama! I’m pretty sure a science fiction film (in the 70’s or 80’s?) was made that is very similar to that book you’ve mentioned. Sure they viewed the world from behind a screen too??

As shadow people theories go, that one makes sense to me! LOL!


Sorry, I just realized I never responded to your response of my response. πŸ™‚

As for energy of a black-hole, even that is theorized at this point. So, I would have added more detail about energy output from the Penrose process (way to derive more energy from objects escaping/extracted from the ergosphere of a black-hole then what they entered with). But I only barely understand the counter energy theories (for lack of better phrasing or personal education…take your pick).

So, yes, Matter goes in, gets squashed like a bug, and all that….but the chaotic nature of black-holes suggests that certain “entry points” might be viable with the correct calculations.

Keep in mind, we still don’t know if matter can find a way past the event horizon without being compressed to the size of an atom….or whether time would slow to such a degree that you never technically made it there…..

And I’m looking for your book. It definitely rings a bell….but the problem is, so many sci-fi books are inspired by other sci-fi works. So it sounds like the 13th floor…yet only allowing observation makes me think of the guided tours in the book, “Up the Line” by Robert Silverberg. Very curious what you read now, as I thought I had hit just about every time travel book. πŸ™‚


Maybe that’s exactly what we should do! LOL!! No we can’t tap one on the shoulder, but maybe if one “hangs around” long enough, we should asked them, “Who are you? What do you want?” They are not ghosts, Angels or Spirit, so how else would you handle them? I mean, it’s curious, Ama, that when you do the Invocation, everything is “cleared” accept the “Shadow People?”(elementals, I understand the reason they are not cleared) Why is that? The Angels must know, because they are the ones who do the “clearing!” Curious question indeed!!! Maybe we should be tapping the “Feather Heads” on the shoulder and asking!! (wink! wink!) LOL!!! Peace, Love and Light, LunaTerra

Shadow people aren’t seen as a threat, Luna, nor are they specified in the Invocation. When people write they have had problems with them, from various descriptions they sound like small demons (or daemons) rather than one dimensional figures, which the shadow folk are.

Love & Peace

Ahhh….Ama; I see!! πŸ˜‰ Well, that makes sense! Still doesn’t shed light on who the buggers are. Hmmmm?… curious topic indeed!